How to Job Hunting While Pregnancy

How to Job Hunting While Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a couple’s life. Major decisions and plans are made for the future. The main decisions are usually financial, and whether the mom to work during her pregnancy becomes an issue. If she is already working, anti-discrimination laws prevent her from being terminated. But if she isn’t working, encountering job discrimination when job hunting is a major possibility. Avoiding discrimination, and finding a suitable job during one’s pregnancy is not at all difficult. By suitable, it is meant a job that is not physically or emotionally dangerous.

When job-hunting during pregnancy, each trimester presents a different challenge. During the first trimester, pregnancy is less detectable, thus one can apply for a job without revealing their physical status. The second and third trimesters are more obvious, and employers may hesitate in hiring you. They may feel that a pregnant woman will be a physical burden and not able to perform at her peak. An employer may hesitate to hire a pregnant woman; for fear that she is only a temporary employee. These are valid concerns that an expecting woman should consider. She may have the best intentions, but pregnancies and births are unpredictable.

Because of these reasons, it is best that an expecting mother seek temporary employment. She can register with temporary employment agencies and be forthcoming about her physical condition. She can then request assignments of any length. She may request on call, per diem assignments, weekly or even a six-month project. For projects that are three to six months, she can time her departure to coincide with her due date, or earlier. Some temporary agencies even offer medical insurance.

Temporary agencies are very flexible in assigning employees to jobs. Some clerical positions require little or no experience. So if you come from another background, don’t be shy about applying for a temp position in a different industry. Many people use temporary agencies to gain experience in an area, so agencies are receptive to people with no experience. Clerical and receptionist positions are ideal because they are not physically stressful, and usually involve sitting down.

Another per diem opportunity is substitute teaching. Most board of educations requires a minimum of sixty college credits and a substitute teaching certificate. Obtaining a certificate is fairly easy. One can obtain an application from the local school district. Then mail it along with the fee, and proof of education to the state board of education. Once you receive the certificate you can register with different school districts in your county, and wait for them to call you for assignments. Substituting offers per diem as well as long term projects.

Another area of employment for moms to be in retail. What better place to work than a maternity or a baby store? Retail tends to have a high turnover rate. This is why obtaining a job, with short term intentions is perfectly acceptable. Maternity stores are a great place to work and make new friends. They may also provide a generous employee discount on the merchandise. The same theory applies when working in a baby store, new friends, and great discounts. The pace in these shops is slower that department stores, making this an excellent low impact job. There is also schedule flexibility. You may take a full or part-time position.

Work-at-home opportunities are plentiful. Many pregnant women enter Sales through party plans. Party plans offer women the opportunity to become consultants with large companies, and offer products and/or services through home parties or shows. Think the classic Tupperware parties. There are hundreds of companies that offer these opportunities.

Another growing industry is the virtual service representative arena. Many companies contract customer service positions with people at home. All you need is a computer, Internet access and a telephone. The calls are forwarded to the home. The VSR provides customer service and/ or order fulfillment. Payment is made to the representatives by mail or direct deposit, and schedules are flexible. Take into consideration some of these positions pay monthly.

Last but not least is a job that most pregnant women never think about. Modeling. Of course you won’t be gracing the catwalk in stilettos. But there is a market for pregnant models. Who does the modeling for maternity clothes in catalogues? Open up any parenting or pregnancy magazine, and who do you see? Companies market products to pregnant women, therefore there is a need for pregnant models.

Obtaining employment, during a pregnancy is not impossible. There are many opportunities for employment and flexible schedule. Pregnancy just causes for extra consideration (for the health of mom and baby) and a little creativity.

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