How to iron clothes without an iron

How to iron clothes without an iron

Why would you want to press clothes without an iron?

If you are in a hurry, you don’t have an iron, you need to be free for other chores while the clothes are being pressed or if you don’t know how to iron, these methods will work for you. You will be able to press any clothes that can be pressed or dried in a conventional drier without an iron.

Here’s how you can do it.

Take a single piece of clothing fresh from the washer or otherwise damp or dampened. Fold this item neatly. Wrap it with a thick, dry towel. Lay it in the drier flat on the bottom to dry and put it through a normal drying cycle. Take it out and examine it after ten to fifteen minutes. If it doesn’t appear dry and pressed, fold it the same way again, wrap it again and lay it in the bottom of the drier to dry for an additional ten to fifteen minutes. Hang the item of clothing up immediately once it comes out of the drier dry and appearing neatly pressed. If clothing doesn’t come out looking properly pressed, you may want to experiment with folds more appropriate to each individual item. This should help the clothing to come out pressed with a more appealing look.

Here are instructions for pressing several items at once.

Put your clothes in to dry, neatly and tightly folded, stacked in a single pile or for taller piles, layered across left to right on the bottom of the drier in a gradually rising wall of sorts. With several items you may not be able to wrap each item with a towel. As when drying clothes normally, these should be like fabrics and colors so as not to run colors together. Use an anti-static-cling sheet. Again, hang all neatly pressed items immediately upon removal from the drier.

When you don’t have a drier.

Fold a freshly washed item inside a thick towel. Lay an older towel over it. Take a steaming teakettle or pan of water and lay it on top of the heap. Use good judgement and don’t over press clothes in this fashion.

Pressing your clothes with the help of the sun.

If you have nothing to help you but a sunny day, hang clothes to sundry. Use larger than normal hangers that will stretch tops somewhat tightly at the shoulders. Button items with buttons. Weight clothes slightly by hanging a few clothespins (the spring operated kind) at the bottom (front, back and seams). Weight sleeves in a similar way.

A few extra tips.

Some of these methods may take practice and perfecting. Any of them should eventually enable you to wear UN -ironed clothes without them appearing wrinkled. You may also want to buy wash and wear clothes or clothes that easily hold a press. After years of shopping you may eventually come to find it easier to tell clothes that are cut in a way that makes them less prone to wrinkling.

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