How to interpret your dreams

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Do you find yourself having that dream again?

You can remember parts of your dream, and one part is that the people inside a house are having a Christmas celebration and you can see yourself trying to walk up a stairway, but in your dream, you cannot walk. What can it all mean?

Every dream can have many meanings. Every person, object, scene, and situation represents an aspect of your life. Even the colors you might “see” in your dreams represent different things.

In order to try and interpret or read your dreams, you must first write down the entire dream or any parts of it that you can remember as soon as you wake up. Be sure to note any vague or missing partsofyour dream, such as time lapses. Write down any people, colors, or emotions that you felt in your dream.

Next, think back to the events of the day previous to your dream. Try to associate any parts of your dream to theday’s events. Much of the time, an aspect, or several aspects of your day’s events will subconsciously open up ideas, feelings, and memories that are stored in your mind. Take some time and do some deep thinking about the correlation between the day’s events and the aspects of your dream.

Think about every person, object, scene, and situation as well as the emotional feelings you felt in your dreams. Try hard to remember if you “saw” any colors or specific objects as they may represent certain things in your life. A flying airplane, for example, might represent freedom or reach for one’s goals. A war scene might represent a conflict with yourself or with someone else.

Seeing a Bible in your dream might indicate religious beliefs or experiences, while a common book might point to knowledge or learning. A building such as a house is generally thought to represent the human body, and Christmas is thought to represent the dreamer’s birthday. A door might represent the “door to opportunity.” An open field might indicate freedom or simplicity, and flowers are generally thought to represent loving and caring feelings. While these are simply general meanings of certain objects, keep in mind that everyone is different, and the exact meaning is dependent on the person’s interpretation themself.

Colors are generally thought to be an important part of interpreting a dream. White is thought to mean purity, red is associated with happiness and fun, and orange is an energetic color. Green shows a need or want for harmonizing with nature, and light blue is thought to be the color which represents faith and hope. Dark blue, on the other hand,can represent a negative color in dreams.

A dream could be the subconscious handling of your fears, ideas, thoughts or beliefs. It could also be a result of a problem that you have that needs to be resolved. Maybe you are consciously searching for a solution and are unable to find one, and your dream is reflecting that difficulty.

Your dreams can represent thooughts or emotions from the past or even your thoughts about the future. As you analyze each dream, ask yourself what each part of your dream means to you. Take your time and think about your dream and your life. Chances are you will find a significant correlation between the two, and you can uncover the hidden meanings of your dreams.

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