How to install Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a popular way to provide privacy and light control on windows and doors. Often, these blinds can be better than draperies or curtains because they’re easy to install, maintain, and, they’re easy to clean! All you need to do to clean them periodically is to wipe across them with a rag sprayed with your favorite furniture polish. The polish will not only clean the dirt and dust off the Venetian blinds, but it will also help to repel future accumulations.

To begin installing the blinds, carefully remove the blinds from their packaging. Lay the parts, pieces, and hardware out on a table and check them against the inventory list that’s included. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to achieve the best results.

Basically, though, you’ll need to install the Venetian blinds on either the inside or the outside of the window or the frame. (You had to have already decided this before you bought your blinds.) Either way, you’ll need to measure and mark both sides of the window frame, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These marks will indicate where you will place the holders for the end boxes.

The only tool you’ll need to install some Venetian blinds with is a screwdriver. So, grab a screwdriver- either a straight blade or a Phillips end- and some of the included wood screws. There will probably be three or four screw to each end box. Position the left hand end box, and secure it to the window frame with the screws. Repeat this step with the right hand end box too. You’ll need to make sure that the boxes are hung up absolutely straight. If they aren’t, then the ends of the blind won’t fit in them properly.

Now, grab the main blind and unwrap the cords from around it. Grab the cords and pull them to the left. Slowly release about six inches of the blind slats away from the main blind. Insert the ends of the main blind into the end boxes. Again, check to make sure the blind fits straight into the boxes. It should also fit snugly, but not too tightly. You shouldn’t have to force the blind into the end boxes. If you do, then you’ll need to loosen the screws and take the boxes down. Remeasure the window frame and install them once again.

Once the end boxes are properly installed, and the Venetian blind is in place, slide the covers over each end box. The purpose of these covers is to secure the blind in place, as well as to hide the inside mechanisms.

Grab the cords again and pull them to the left. Carefully allow the Venetian blind to lower itself down. If the blind is the right length for the window, the lower bar should reach the bottom window frame, and no farther.

You’ll need to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions once again in order to determine where the bottom brackets are to be installed. Measure and mark the locations on each side of the window frame. Then, use a screwdriver and the additional wood screws to secure the brackets into place- one on the left side, and one on the right.

Now, place each end of the lower Venetian blind bar into the brackets. Usually, the bar has small knobs on each end, while the brackets have small holes in their middles.

Your new Venetian blind is now installed and ready for use!

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