How to install shingled siding

shingled siding

They say it would cost a fortune to provide the wooden shingles for the sides of your home. It would take a lifetime to pay it off including the interest, labor, and payment charges.

Wouldn’t you be more willing to do it your self, bringing back the country style look, for less money, and viewing the craftsmanship personaly?

I have done it, and here is the secret to the look that will bring extended life, warmth, and value to your home.

Here are the materials that you will need.

For the wooden shingles:
buy whatever type of wood desired. In stock you should buy the 1″ x 4″ x 8 ft boards. I have bought the pine, because it costs less, and I can choose the stain that will appeal, and bring equal color of my choosing.

For applying the wooden shingles to your exterior side of the house:
~a drill if you wish to secure them with screws.
~a hammer if you wish to secure the shingles with nails

Let’s get started.

First you need to decide on the span from one row of shingles to the next. You must include a two inch over lap. This allows for hiding the screws or nails on the row below the next. I have chosen a nine inch shingle which allows for two inches over lap. This gives a view of seven inches between the rows of shingles.

Take the 1 X 4 X 8’s and cut them on your table saw in the size of nine inches each. Continue to do so untill you have cut enough to cover the linear footage required to cover the entire area on the side of your house.

After cutting the shingles to size, you will need to drill a hole in the center of each shingle, this makes for certain that the shingle will not crack when forcing a nail or screw into the shingle. Sometimes the shingle will crack due to cross grains or knotts. But this is the chance you take. I will tell you, the chances of cracking is less to none.

You may choose to stain or paint before securing them to your house, or after. I have found it easier to stain them before hand. As stain or paint for that matter will run in the upright position.

Remember to take the first shingle and score it with a utility knife and then hit the top end with a hammer to split it in half. This is needed in giving the stair effect that wooden shingles are known for. Hang the first shingle working from the bottom of your house and eventually getting all the way to the top.

Once you have secured the first row, you then will proceed to get the level. Mark two inches from the first shingle, get a longer board, and place it on the first shingle where the mark is(two inches from the top of the shingle down) and secure it to the shingles in place. Go to the other end of the board and level the board.

Now secure the other end of the board, and you are ready to start the next row. Now you have a sort of shelf to set the second row of shingles on. Secure them down and start the next row. Remember, the second row is going to start with a full four-inch shingle, which will allow you to see the stair effect I have explained before.

I choose screws to secure these shingles, and after the job it finished, you can cap the corners of your house with pre stained boxed form type caps.

After everything is finished, you can stand back and admire the craftsmanship you have endured. But remember, you did it, saving money and time.

Enjoy your new home, the look, the feel, and the enhancing qualities, done by you know who,….YOU.

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