How to install base cabinets

install base cabinets

Base cabinets are a little easier to install than upper wall cabinets. These can be done alone as there is not much lifting involved. Before installing any base cabinets you need to be sure all moldings are removed from the wall. Be careful of any plumbing that may be exposed.

Be sure you know where all the electrical wiring is located also. Be sure the wall is in good shape before cabinet installation. Paint your wall before you install your cabinets. Later on, you may need to make some minor touch-ups to your wall.

You should always have a scaled drawing of your room. Set the base cabinets loosely into their respective places. Check all measurements with your scaled drawing. Be sure you have all the cabinet pieces before beginning. Be sure you have the correct tools ready.

Begin installation at the corner or sidewall. You want the cabinets to fit snugly against the wall and to each other. Use your level and adjust as needed with shims, or you can scribe the back of the cabinet to fit. Hold each cabinet in place securely and use wood screws to attach the cabinets to each other. Put the screws right behind the front stiles, so they won’t be seen and so they will hold the cabinets tightly together. The floor may not be level, so you may need to make similar adjustments for that also.

There are many sizes of base cabinets. Some have drawers and some accommodate sinks. Be sure there is a toe board or feet on your base cabinets. Some base cabinets come with feet or feet that can be added to raise them up to a more desired height or just to give them a different look. Check to be sure the cabinet doors are opening the right direction for their location. A lazy susan can be installed in corner base cabinets, to make things more accessible. Always attach your cabinets to framing studs for a more secure fit.

If you have a sink front that is included with your cabinet installation, the opening needs to be checked and properly fitted between the base cabinets on each side. To secure this facing you can use wood cleats or angle irons with wood screws.

Base cabinets need to be strong enough to hold the countertop of your choice. If you choose to use a countertop that is made from stone or some other heavy material, be sure there is added framing in the base cabinets. This will prevent them from collapsing under the weight of the countertop.

If your cabinets are unfinished, raw wood is sure and paint them before installation. Then after installation, you will need to make only minor touch-ups. This will insure that all the cabinets wood surfaces are covered and protected from moisture.

Remember to have the correct tools ready, to not start installation until you see that all the cabinets you have are the correct ones and that they will loosely fit into place. By doing these things you will save time and make your installation much easier. Often check for plumb and level during your cabinet installation, for a perfect fit and look.

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