How to install an under cabinet toaster oven

cabinet toaster oven

More counter space is the desire of anyone preparing food in a kitchen. One way to get that counter space and still have the most convenient appliances is to install under the cabinet models. These models allow for use of the counter space below and still offer the convenience of having the appliance readily available. There are a few things to consider when deciding which model is best for you.

First, as you decide which toaster oven to purchase, take into account the cabinet you would like to install it under. Be sure that there is an electrical outlet available to plug the toaster oven into within 18 inches. Get a measurement of the depth and width of this cabinet. You also need to measure from the countertop to the bottom of the cabinet.

With these measurements in hand, head to the store closest to you that carries the under-the-counter model and purchase your appliance. The measurements necessary for installing each model should be available on the outside of the box, but if they are not asking for assistance in getting that information. Once you have selected the model that best suits the area you are thinking of, you are halfway finished.

Tools necessary: Drill, drill bit, tape, pen or pencil, tape measure, flat-head screw driver, Phillip-head screwdriver and vacuum.

Next when you get home you must first empty out the cabinet that you are going to install the toaster oven underneath. This will allow you to work from inside the cabinet. The toaster oven will come with a paper template. You will use this template by taping it on the inside of the cabinet as well as underneath the cabinet.

Please be sure to follow the guidelines for distance from the wall and notice the information about whether or not your cabinet is flat on the bottom or has an overhang. After you have taped the template and marked the spots to drill, you will drill the pilot holes for the screws that will hold the brace for the toaster oven. Great! When you have finished this, you are almost done.

Next, you will attach the brace that holds the toaster oven. This is done by placing the screws through the inside of the cabinet facing down toward the toaster oven using the washers provided to keep them firm in their holes. If your cabinet has an overhang, you will also need to use the rubber spacers provided to help maintain the space between the bottom of the cabinet and the brace.

These go directly on the screws before you put the brace in place. These can be a little tricky. I have found the best way is to work from the back toward the front and this may require another hand to help start the nut on the end of the screws which will hold the brace in place as you tighten them up.

Once you have the brace in place, the rest is a piece of cake. You simply take the toaster oven and slide it onto the brace, vacuum any dust from the drilling and you’re finished. Enjoy your first toasted muffin.

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