How to install an under cabinet toaster oven

Are you tired of cluttering your countertop with appliances? Installing an under cabinet toaster oven can be a convenient and space-saving solution. In this article, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of installing an under cabinet toaster oven in your kitchen. From the benefits it offers to the tools and materials needed, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

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Benefits of an Under Cabinet Toaster Oven

Having an under cabinet toaster oven comes with several advantages. Firstly, it frees up valuable countertop space, allowing you to utilize it for other kitchen tasks. Secondly, it adds a sleek and modern look to your kitchen, as it remains hidden under the cabinet when not in use. Additionally, an under cabinet toaster oven provides easy access and reduces the risk of burns compared to traditional countertop models.

Considerations Before Installation

Before proceeding with the installation, there are a few essential considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, check the available space under your cabinet to ensure it can accommodate the toaster oven. Measure the width, height, and depth to guarantee a proper fit. Secondly, consider the electrical requirements. Make sure there is an accessible power outlet nearby to connect the toaster oven.

Tools and Materials Needed

To successfully install an under cabinet toaster oven, you’ll need the following tools and materials:

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Drill
  4. Screws and anchors
  5. Electrical wire and connectors
  6. Wire cutters
  7. Pencil
  8. Level
  9. Safety goggles
  10. Masking tape
  11. Mounting brackets (if not included with the toaster oven)

Step 1: Measuring and Planning

Start by measuring the available space under your cabinet. Use a measuring tape to note down the width, height, and depth. Consider any obstructions like pipes or wires that may interfere with the installation. Plan the placement of the toaster oven, ensuring there is enough clearance for ventilation and easy access.

Step 2: Preparing the Cabinet

Before mounting the toaster oven, prepare the cabinet for installation. Clean the area thoroughly and remove any debris or dust. If necessary, apply a fresh coat of paint to enhance the appearance. Mark the exact spot where the toaster oven will be mounted using a pencil.

Step 3: Mounting the Toaster Oven

Most under cabinet toaster ovens come with mounting brackets. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to attach the brackets securely to the underside of the cabinet. Use a drill to create pilot holes for the screws, then align the toaster oven with the brackets. Gently slide it into place and tighten the screws to secure it firmly.

Step 4: Electrical Wiring

If there is an accessible power outlet nearby, you can connect the toaster oven directly. Otherwise, consult a professional electrician to install a new outlet. Follow safety guidelines and local electrical codes while handling the wiring. Use wire cutters and connectors to connect the toaster oven to the power source. Ensure the connections are tight and secure.

Step 5: Testing and Safety

After completing the installation, it’s crucial to test the toaster oven for proper functioning. Plug it into the power outlet and check if all the controls and features are working as intended. Ensure that the toaster oven is securely mounted and does not wobble. Finally, review the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer and follow them to avoid accidents.

Maintenance and Cleaning

To keep your under cabinet toaster oven in excellent condition, regular maintenance and cleaning are essential. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific cleaning instructions. Generally, you can use a damp cloth or sponge with mild soapy water to wipe the exterior. Be cautious not to wet any electrical components. Clean the interior and accessories as recommended to prevent the buildup of food debris.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install an under cabinet toaster oven in any type of cabinet?

While most under cabinet toaster ovens are designed for standard cabinets, it’s crucial to check the dimensions and requirements of the specific model you choose.

What safety precautions should I take during the installation?

Always wear safety goggles and follow electrical safety guidelines. If you’re unsure about any step, consult a professional electrician.

Can I use the toaster oven as a permanent replacement for a regular oven?

Under cabinet toaster ovens are more suitable for smaller cooking tasks and may not have the same capacity as a full-size oven. They are intended as a convenient supplement to your existing cooking appliances.

Can I mount the toaster oven under an upper cabinet instead of a lower one?

Yes, you can install an under cabinet toaster oven under either upper or lower cabinets, depending on your preference and available space.

Are there any specific cleaning products I should use for the toaster oven?

It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning products. Generally, mild soapy water works well for cleaning the exterior, and non-abrasive cleaners are suitable for the interior.


Installing an under cabinet toaster oven can transform your kitchen, providing additional space and a sleek appearance. By following the step-by-step instructions outlined in this article, you can successfully install your own under cabinet toaster oven. Remember to consider the available space, gather the necessary tools and materials, and prioritize safety throughout the installation process. Enjoy the convenience and functionality that an under cabinet toaster oven brings to your culinary adventures!

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