How to install a satellite dish

How to install a satellite dish

Using a satellite system is a popular alternative to viewing cable television programs. A satellite system works by a television station transmitting its signal to a satellite far, far above the Earth’s surface. This signal is then returned to Earth where another satellite on the ground picks up the signal. The signal is then converted to a usable signal which is sent to your television. It’s as easy as all that!

The first step is satellite installation is to select and purchase a satellite kit which is suitable for you. You may choose to have your new satellite dish installed by a professional, or, you may choose to install it yourself. It is not difficult to do, and by installing it yourself, you can save a couple hundred dollars or more.

A digital satellite system offers you a compact-size dish that may be especially suitable for city dwellers. If you live in a rural area, you might consider purchasing a full-size dish. This type of dish offers you a bigger selection subscription channel as well as many free channels that you can enjoy. A bigger, full-size dish is more affordable than a smaller dish as it usually offers lower subscription costs.

Next, you will need to decide the exact location of where you will install your satellite dish. There are some considerations to make, such as that the satellite dish must point due South. It is not a good idea to install the dish at your house if you can help it. A good alternative would be to attach the dish to a post which has been sunken in the ground.

Make sure to pick a location that is unobstructed by trees, branches,etc., but a route that is as straight and as close to your television set is the best one to take. Make sure to pick a spot that is easily accessible in case you need to clean snow or debris out of your satellite dish, or to re-adjust the dish in case it gets moved.

The entire system is composed of three parts–the dish, the coax cable, and the receiver. You will need to drill holes in to the surface where you are goingto mount your satellite dish. Mount the satellite dish and adjust the direction the dish is pointing to. Refer to the included instructions for specific details.

Next, lay the coax cable out on the ground on a trial run from the satellite dish to the place where it will enter your house. Make sure it is long enough to reach both points. Attach the cable to the satellite dish and then run it across your yard and into the house through a drilled hole. Attach the cable to your television set.

Finally, use a garden spade to carefully raise up enough dirt and sod to sufficiently cover the coax cable. Have someone help you as you go along and bury the cable.

The next step is to plug your reciever into a household outlet and then turn your television set on and make any necessary adjustments to the satellite system settings. Then, relax and enjoy your new system!

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