How to install a phone jack

If you need to add a telephone in a room that is without a jack, you can easily install one yourself. Be sure, however, to check with the phone company and ascertain whether or not they have restrictions that you need to be aware of before beginning. You do not want to void coverage of a wiring maintenance program if they do restrict it.

Another word of caution: If you wear a pacemaker you should not work on telephone wiring.


modular jack converter
screwdrivers wire strippers
wire cutters

Make sure all phones are off the hook to avoid incoming calls which will cause the charge to increase through the phone wire.

    a. Unscrew and remove the cover. There will be various colored wires going into each terminal
    screw. One set is from the incoming phone line, and the other is to the telephone. Cut the wires that go to the phone.
    b. There are a couple of ways for you to attach the new modular jack converter. You may have to loosen the terminal screws and insert “spade connectors”, which are U-shaped metal ends, under the screws. The other way is to simply snap cap connectors over the screws. Match up the
    wire colors with the existing incoming phone wires.
    c. Replace the cover and plug in your phone.


Tools Needed:
modular jack
phone cable
wire cutters
cable staples (insulated)
1/4-inch drill bit
stud finder
junction box

Buy a junction box and install near the original phone jack. Before starting this project make sure the phone is unplugged and if it has a transformer that supplies power to the phone, it must be unplugged also. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and attach phone cable to an extension wire that plugs into the original phone jack.

Match colors underneath the terminal screws. Run the cable to where you wish to install the new jack and strip back the end of the cable, allowing one half of an inch for the wire to show. There will be 6 small wires inside the cable. Attach the wires according to the instructions. The wires must match the right colors, then screw the jack into a wooden stud on the wall.

When running the cable from the junction box to the new area, make sure to staple it carefully into place along the baseboard. If the phone is to be in a separate room, drill a small hole through a closet, making sure to use a stud finder and drilling in the space between them.

A wire hanger will help you thread the cable through the hole. After you are finished, plug in a phone and see if you have a dial tone. If you don’t, then you need to make sure all wires are connected securely underneath the terminal screws and that the colored wires match properly.

As you can see, this is a fairly simple project which you can easily do by yourself. Just take it one step at a time and soon you will have an extra telephone jack in any room of the house.

As you can see,

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