How to Install a loud air horn on your motorcycle

How to Install a loud air horn on your motorcycle

For motorcycle enthusiasts, air horns can be a fun, interesting novelty and a conversation piece when mounted on your favorite bike.

About Motorcycle Air Horns

Air horns are usually trumpet-shaped and are known for their loudness and unique sound. The most common air horns sound rather like the loud whistle of a train or large truck. Motorcycle air horns are powered by an air compressor and are relatively easy to install on your bike. Not only will the sound attract attention, but the distinct and flashy style of your air horns will make you stand out as well.

Shopping for Motorcycle Air Horns

Motorcycle air horns are available through many motorcycle dealerships and motorcycle accessory stores. There are also numerous online sources that offer a wide variety of air horns. Try an internet search using the key words “motorcycle” and “air horns””.

Air horns are usually sold in sets of two. Many high-quality air horn sets can be found for under $100, with some good, basic sets available for under $50.

The first rule of thumb in shopping for motorcycle air horns is to select horns that are made to fit your specific motorcycle. While air horns can be installed on virtually any motorcycle, the installation kits for some brands of air horns are specifically designed for certain motorcycle makes and models. The air horn packaging will usually list which motorcycle(s) the horns are designed to fit.

Once you have found a line of air horns to fit your motorcycle, you may have to choose between metal-air horns and plastic air horns. While metal-air horns generally produce a sharper and louder sound, plastic air horns provide an economical alternative. While some plastic horns are chrome-plated to look like their metal counterparts, plastic air horns are also available in decorator colors to add a touch of pizzazz to your bike. Try a set of red air horns on a black or silver bike or a set of black air horns on a red or metallic bike.

Next, select the extra features that appeal to you. Some air horns offer multiple tones, which you can set with a switch. For example, some two-tone models allow you to choose between a steady blast and a European emergency vehicle high/low sound. Some air horn manufacturers offer optional chrome compressor covers, snow shields, or flashing lights. Choose the options that best meet your needs, your personal tastes, and your budget.

Installing Air Horns On Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle air horns are easily installed with a 12-volt electrical system. To install air horns onto your bike, use the kit that comes with most motorcycle air horns. If your air horns did not come with an installation kit, a kit can usually be obtained from the horn manufacturer or vendor. Air horn installation kits typically include a compressor, tubing, relay, and mounting hardware. The compressor is usually small enough to be mounted just about anywhere on the bike or in a saddlebag. Some drilling may be required.

For best results, follow the air horn manufacturer’s instructions for mounting the air horns and accessories onto your bike.

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