How to install a ceiling fan

install a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any room in any house; not only do they add style, but they also offer comfort and efficiency. Installing a ceiling fan can help circulate the air more efficiently, making it feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Almost anyone who is handy around the house will be able to install a ceiling fan in just a few easy steps.

To safely install a ceiling fan, you’ll first want to be sure there is no electricity running to the current fixture. Turning off the breaker at the breaker box is the safest way to ensure there is no electric current present. To remove the existing fixture, you’ll need to remove a few screws, and then it will drop down from the ceiling. The fixture will now be hanging from the electrical wires, so be sure to support it so the wires aren’t damaged.

Wire nuts are holding the fixture in the ceiling, and you will need to carefully remove these before the old fixture will come down. For safety’s sake, before you remove the nuts you should double-check that the electrical wires are not circulating electricity. When you are doubly sure the wires are not live, remove the wire nuts and take the fixture down.

The current junction box in the ceiling must be able to hold the weight of the new fixture. If the junction box is just nailed to the rafters, you may need to replace it. A safe junction box will be held to the rafters by four legs, and if you’ve got this, you’re ready to move on. The rest of the installation instructions will assume that you have a junction box that will safely hold the new fixture.

Next, you will need to mount the hardware needed to suspend the new ceiling fan. Then, route the electrical wires through the mounting hardware. You’ll need to decide if you’ll do a hanging installation or a flush mount installation, as most kits come with both. When you purchase the fan, check the package to be sure it has the hardware you need. If you’re in doubt as to what type of mounting you’ll need, ask a sales associate at the store for assistance.

Now you will make the connection between the wires in the ceiling and the wires in the new ceiling fan. Then, use wire nuts to hold the old and new wires in place. Trip the breaker at the breaker box and make sure the electricity is going to the ceiling fan. Obviously, if the fan begins to turn the ceiling fan has been installed correctly. If the fan doesn’t turn you may need to go back, turn off the breaker, and strip the wires on the fan and then replace the wire nuts.

Finally, secure the fan onto the mounting hardware and tighten the screws. Take care in assembling the fan blades and secure them to the fixture. Trip the breaker again to be sure your fan is working and doesn’t wobble at all. If the fan does wobble, you may need to get a balancing kit from the hardware store or fan manufacturer to help balance the blades.

Congratulations! You just installed a ceiling fan. It really wasn’t all that difficult, was it?

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