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Can you remember people’s names? Are you good with dates of events?

Do you often forget important dates such as your wedding anniversary or your children’s birthdays? How many times have your lost your car in a crowded parking lot? You can help to improve your memory and remember even more than you do now by following the simple tips in this article.

Usually there is no such thing as a “bad memory”, it’s just the way you use it to retain information. Probably the easiest way to remember things is to use word association. It is a relatively easy process to learn and it can enhance your memory greatly.

In order to do this, you will need to create associations with things you want to remember. Let us say that your wedding anniversary is June 7th. You might remember “June bride” to remember the month, and you might make-up something like “it was the last thing I did that week” to remember that your anniversary is on the seventh day which is the last day of the calendar week.

Another method that you might try in order to help improve your memory, especially with people’s names is to associate their name with something distinctive about them. It would be easy to remember that guy you just met as being Red Jones if his hair is red, for example, but what about a name such as George Foreman? His name might be easy to remember if you think of a foreman, such as a boss in a factory.A foreman is the supervisor or man in charge over other men. Use this word to associate foreman, or leader, with a boxer, fighter, or a man who has won over other men in the boxing ring. Can you see the association in your mind?

Did your math teacher ever make your class repeat the multiplication tables in grade school? At one time, some years ago, there was a record that the teacher simply played for his or her class. The voice on the record simply went through the entire multiplication tables, from one to twelve. The voice said sentences like, “Twelve times one is twelve, twelve times two is twenty-four, twelve times three is thirty-six,” and so on.

This method of remembering things you need to keep in mind is practicing repetition. This is simply a method in that you repeat the information over and over and over until it is successfully stored in your memory. This method works well for remembering many types of information. Just say whatever it is that you want to remember over and over in your mind. Or, if you can, repeat the information out loud. Speaking the information will better help your mind to remember what it is that your ears are hearing.

You can practice this memory technique right now by reading and saying these words out loud- DIXIE- WISHBONE- JUKEBOX- SWILL- and MARIGOLD. Even though these words do not seem to have any kind of common association, you can successfully remember them just by saying them over and over and placing them into your memory.

Write these words down after you have repeated them several times, then come back later and see if you still remember them! Practice until you can remember them easily and you are on your way to a better memory!

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