How to improve memory

improve memory

Lately you find that you have a problem remembering, such things as a person’s name and the date that events are held on. You would like to improve your memory, but you don’t know where to begin to accomplish a greater memory.

Different parts of the brain, handle different types of remembering tasks, such as recalling a person’s phone number versus remembering a person’s car.

People tend to remember things differently through the use of dreferential senses, which means seeing something versuses hearing it.

This approach acknowledges, that specific memory stategies, are appropriate for different memory tasks. Memory strategies must be talented, to meet the individual’s memory needs.

This approach also recognizes that memory can be affected by many factors, including cognitive, which involves knowledge about memory strategies and some non-cognitive, which deals with such
things as overall fitness, mood and health.

There’s a method of memory called the Holistic view of memory. This approach is based on the concept of an individual’s memory readiness.

Scientists and health-care say that memory readiness can be improved, with a person’s attitude physical condition, their
emotional state, conversational skills and the use of physical memory aids. These aids can be used in improving practical memory performance.

Tests have shown that monentary memory can vary at particular times, which can happen during the course of the day, course of the week or month.

People tend to believe that their memory skills, are poorer than they really are.

Improving your memory can be done at anytime. It doesn’t matter if your young, old, brilliant or average. Your memory can still be improved to remember better.

There’s no magic pill that can be taken to improve ones memory. To improve one’s memory, a person has to access the state of various memory abilities and then this adds to a person’s memory
skills one at a time.

Sometimes if a person is stressed or has a cold their memory can be affected. Some nutritionists believe that vitamins help improve memory.

There are various memory techniques, that a person can do to improve their memory.

One method is the mnemonics method. This method is used for remembering information, that’s otherwise quite difficult to recall. The principle of mnemonics is to use as many of the
best functions of the human brain, as possible to code information into the memory. The mnemonics method uses the human brain that’s used to code and interpret complex stimuli-images, color, structure, sounds, smells, tastes, touch, emotion, and languages. The brain uses these to make sophisticated interpretations, of the environment. These features are what the human memory is made of.

Information presented to the brain to be remembered is all from one source, which is normally words on a page. Language or words
on a page reflects, are of the most important aspect of human evolution. Mnemonics seeks to use all of these resources, by coding the language and the numbers in sophisticated striking images, which flow into stronger images then are actually coded. Both information and structure of the information which is, to be recalled later. This method is simple and easy to understand. Remembering names is important, but such things as remembering, a pack of cards is just an amusing sideline.

When remembering a person’s name, you can improve memory by using face association. With this technique, when you are introduced to a person examine the person’s face. Find an unusual feature of the person’s face. Create an association with the person’s face and the name will be in your memory. Also use repetition when being introduced, ask for the name to be repeated, use the name yourself, as much as possible. The more you hear the person’s name, the more the name will sink in your memory.

When remembering lists it’s best to use, your imagination to come up with relevant associations with what you trying to remember. The link method can also be used. This method is one of the easiest methods for improving memory. It functions by making associations between things in a list, often as a story. The flow of the story and the strength of the visualizations, of
images provided cues for retrieval of the information to be remembered.

The number rhyme system is used, when remembering lists in a specific order. Facts are pegged down to known sequences of cues.

The number shape method is a method that helps memory by building up pictures in your mind, in which numbers are presented by images, shaped like the number. These become codes in a
person’s memory, that later can be remembered.

When remembering telephone numbers, an association with the number, should be used with the alphabet system. Associating these with the face or name of a person, whose number is to be

When remembering a date, associate the event to which they will end up, relating in a person’s memory.

Using these memory techniques will help you remember specific areas of your life like a person’s name, dates of events, and a person’s telephone number.

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