How to Improve Employee Retention

Are you a business owner? Hiring a financial planner is very beneficial for you! One major way a financial planner can benefit your business is through key employee retention. Happy employees are loyal employees. Providing resources, such as retirement savings programs and bonuses, is an effective way to make sure employees are remaining happy and dedicated!

There is no denying that we live in a fast-paced modern society where stress is a fact of life. Unfortunately, stress is endemic in today’s world, permeating all aspects of our daily lives, especially our jobs. Learning how to manage stress through exercise, diet, and relaxation techniques are effective in reducing the amount of stress we feel, but learning how to identify unnecessary stressors is much more effective at eliminating unhealthy stress from our lives altogether.

Workplace stress is especially harmful in that it compromises our effectiveness and productivity on the job, but it is also responsible for a high employee turnover rate, costing companies thousands of dollars each year. Fortunately, there are ways in which to improve employee retention simply by analyzing unnecessary sources of stress in the workplace. Once these unnecessary stressors are analyzed, beneficial ways of dealing with them or either eliminating them altogether can be enacted.

Potential Sources of Unnecessary Stress in the Workplace

1. Proper lighting is often an overlooked source of potential stress in the workplace. Several studies have confirmed that workplace productivity increases when there is access to sunlight or adequate lighting. Something as simple as replacing dull lighting with bright lighting can make all the difference. Direct sunlight is even better and can be enhanced by simply opening blinds.

2. Harsh noises are another potential source of workplace stressors that contribute to overall employee dissatisfaction and a higher turnover rate. If at all possible, add soft background music to the workplace facility. Also, turn down the volumes on telephones, fax machines, and other office equipment to buffer the level of noise in the workplace environment.

3. Schedule a monthly meeting that encourages employees to speak freely about workplace issues that concern them. Employee meetings foster a sense of belonging and loyalty to a company. Also, a suggestion box where employees can air their thoughts about ways to improve the company-employee relationship is particularly effective at making them feel as though they share a role in helping to improve the overall workplace environment.

4. Encouraging healthy eating by offering sensible nutritional choices as part of the lunchroom menu is effective at reducing stress and encouraging employee retention. A healthy employee is an overall happier employee, and a healthy diet is just one of the many ways to help employees reduce unnecessary stress in their lives.

5. Make sure to give employees the opportunity to take at least a couple of small breaks during the workday. This little breather helps employees refresh, refocus, and relax in order to come back mentally prepared to continue their workday.

6. Encouraging employee participation in an exercise and fitness program also reduces stress and aids in employee retention. This objective can be achieved by simply offering employees the opportunity to play on a team for the company or by establishing a running or walking club where employees can participate in exercising together. Costlier alternatives would be to designate a workout room in any excess office space the company has available or even get a reduced company and/or group membership at a local gym as part of the employee benefits package.

7. Finally, one of the biggest hidden stressors of all that contributes to a high employee turnover rate is the inaccessibility of affordable childcare. Although it can be expensive, installing a childcare center on the premises is extremely effective at improving retention rates among employees.

A company daycare center can also be listed as part of the employee benefits package and should not only help the company retain employees, but also attract good employees as well, thus saving the company valuable money as well as valuable employees in the process.

A company daycare center

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