How to hypnotize yourself

How to hypnotize yourself

There’s no need to go to expensive hypnotherapists to carry out a service you can perform on your own. Learning how to self-hypnotize is easy and can lead to an improved and more satisfying life. Self-hypnotization can be successfully used for many purposes including relaxation, self-discovery, ridding oneself of bad habits, and improving relationships.

Self-hypnotization does not involve any hocus-pocus. In its most basic form, hypnotization is a form of meditation and visualization. By focusing on a specific thought or suggestion, you are able to tap into the deep recesses of your mind.

A successful self-hypnotization session will be more likely if you prepare yourself well beforehand. Make yourself as comfortable as possible in a seated position; if you lie down you may fall asleep. You should be dressed comfortably and be neither too hot nor too cold. Close your eyes and relax your body. Scan your body with your mind to locate any areas of tension and send a message to that part of your body to relax.

Decide before you begin what your goal is for this particular hypnotization session. For your first try it is best to set out with a simple objective such as deep relaxation.

Now imagine yourself stepping into an elevator from the one-hundredth floor of a building. With your mind’s eye see the doors closing behind you. Reach out your finger and press the button marked one. Look up to watch the descending numbers of floors. Slowly count each number down from one hundred, ninety-nine, ninety-eight, etc.

In between every couple of floors that you descend remind yourself that you are relaxing deeper and more completely. Feel yourself sinking down physically and mentally. Continue traveling downwards until you feel yourself completely relaxed and at ease.

Allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of relaxation. To exit the hypnotization simply focus on your breath and count from one to five. As you count remind yourself that you are waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. When you reach the count of five you will be awake and alert.

Once you have experienced deep relaxation through self-hypnotization you may wish to take things deeper. Always begin your self-hypnotization session with a deep relaxation technique then move onto your greater goal once you are in a peaceful state. You will be more open to suggestions in this relaxed condition. Some possible ideas to try to include ridding oneself of bad habits by repeating a mantra, or set of words, that you wish to bring about. For example, if you wish to quit smoking you could try the phrase, am smoke-free .

Self-exploration can be achieved through the use of the elevator hypnotization. Begin the countdown on the floor equivalent to your age. Push the button number equivalent to the age of your life you would like to visit. As you count down the floors imagine you are traveling back in the years. Feel the elevator stop when you reach the floor and age you chose.

See the doors open before you and step out into a room where you see yourself at the desired age. Speak to your former self, asking any questions you have. Enjoy the conversation until you have received the desired information and then bid your former self goodbye as you reenter the elevator and climb the floors back to your present self.

It is most important to have a clear goal before you begin your self-hypnotization sessions. Prepare beforehand the message or idea that you would like to impress upon yourself. Always state the thought using positive words. Don’t give up after one attempt. It may take many tries before you rid yourself of deeply ingrained behaviors.

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