How to host a sleepover party

How to host a sleepover party

One of the most memorable events of childhood is the sleepover. All of your friends from school get together and play long into the night, much longer than they usually get to play otherwise. Spooky stories, girl talk, boy talk, lots of popcorn and other junk food, and staying up way too late.

If you have ever had a sleepover party for your child you can probably attest to the fact that putting several children in a room with pillows can get quite loud and a bit out of hand. You really can have a sleepover party that won’t drive you and the rest of your family crazy and keeps the noise and damage to a minimum. Next time you hold a sleepover party you might actually have some sleep!

The key to a sane sleepover is in the planning. If you don’t have a plan, the disorganization and ‘we get to do whatever we want’ can be a virtual license for kids to get out of control. If you have your activities planned out in advance, you can put some structure into the sleepover without sucking out the fun.

Plan to have the rowdier part of the sleepover early in the evening. Have a scheduled pillow fight after dinner where everyone gets their pajamas on and has it out. Hide the breakables and just let them turn loose on each other with the pillows.

All of this crazy fun will knock some of the steam out of them, hopefully. Plan a gradual winding down after the pillow fight and make sure the sugary snacks come early so they have time to work out of the kids’ systems before it gets late. Have the kids dance for a while to some rock and roll if they still have too much energy.

After pillow fights you can organize a board game, then some silly talking and eating and maybe some storytelling. A story from mom or dad can get the ball rolling for some really creative storytelling.

As it gets into the hour where you are wanting them to settle down, set up the sleeping bags in front of the television and put on a video, most of the kids will probably be so tired that they won’t make it halfway through and it really helps them to get quiet so they can hear the movie.

The one thing you don’t want to do is nag about the noise or be a ‘pain’ to your child in front of their friends. If things get too crazy, suggest another activity instead of yelling for quiet, and remember, it’s only for one night!

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