How to cover a black eye with makeup

How to hide a black eye with makeup

An effective way to combat the black eye around the eyes is comprehensive prevention to improve the health of the body. But more often, we need urgent help when the blue circles need to be removed immediately. Special remedies for bruising under the eyes and recommendations of experienced makeup artists will help you do this.

How and how to hide black eye under the eyes?

First, you need to evaluate how strongly the circles are highlighted, what shade they have. Small black eye are removed with one powder, after smearing the skin with a moisturizer. Spots with a purple or yellow tint are harder to hide.

For the masking procedure, it is better to immediately prepare different products: powder, concealer, foundation. The main thing is not to overdo it, because, in an attempt to hide dark circles, you can do the opposite-highlight them, make them more pronounced.

What colors to cover up

Blue, brown, and gray are neutralized by peach and pink. Choose one tone. For dark skin, peach is suitable, for white, pale – pink. When the black eye are purple, it is better to stop on a yellow corrector.

Greenish and yellow areas of the skin are hidden by a lavender hue. In this case, the obligatory point is to obscure the borders. Finally, you need to use a powder to match the skin tone.

Concealer for black eyes

Choose a light concealer to avoid accidentally highlighting the area around your eyes. From dark circles, yellow and peach shades are suitable.

Apply concealer to mask circles is recommended after applying makeup.

Black eye Corrector

The concealer is a dry concealer. It is well suited for masking small color defects and irregularities. The corrector will get rid of bruises completely. The choice of color is made on the same principle as with concealer.

Do not take a dark shade, it will highlight the area under the eyes more. To light will produce the same result.

Foundation cream

A quick way to remove circles is to tone them using foundation. It hides irregularities and color defects. The main thing is to choose a product from a trusted manufacturer.

Apply foundation to the bruised area in a thin layer, spreading evenly in the desired area. The final step is to hide the outline of the circle.

Makeup artists ‘ tips

To hide dark circles, make-up artists recommend using products in the exact sequence: start with a moisturizer, then apply a foundation, then use a concealer, cover with concealer, powder.

Make-up artists warn about mistakes that can accentuate black eye:

  1. Do not take funds that are a few shades lighter. When you need to remove bags, these correctors will make them more pronounced.
  2. After using the concealer, do not powder the areas under your eyes too much. This will lead to the fact that facial wrinkles will become more expressive.
  3. Do not use a black pencil when there are pronounced circles under the eyes or, for example, a bruise from a blow.
  4. Bags will not be noticeable if you make your eyebrows more expressive (tattooing or painting).
  5. Don’t forget about the wonders that highlighter does. By purchasing a palette, you will hide almost any defects. Use the highlighter to paint over and lighten dark areas.

A common mistake is highlighting your eyes with makeup. This only makes the problem worse. It is better to focus on the eyelashes and lips.

How to hide black eye without makeup?

Disguising dark bags without makeup is not so easy. The correct solution is to reduce them and completely eliminate them. Do a contrast facial wash every morning. During the day, use moisturizers, take vitamins.

Effective remedies for black eye under the eyes

You can choose for yourself an effective option from pharmacies and folk remedies to eliminate bruises. It will be correct to combine professional preparations and home recipes. Before using them, conduct an allergic test.

Do not use products with an unknown composition at home, as well as those that promise to get rid of the problem in one application. Damage to delicate, thin skin is very easy, and it may take a lot of effort and money to restore it.

Pharmacy products

Ointments, creams, serums, and patches are offered from pharmacy products.

Ointments to reduce puffiness under the eyes and hide dark circles:

  1. Solcoseryl. Improves skin condition by synthesizing collagen and accelerating metabolism at the cellular level. 
  2. Hydrocortisone. It has an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect. 
  3. Blepharogel. Reduces the permeability of capillaries, helps to remove edema. 
  4. Lyoton gel. The product helps with puffiness and swelling of the eyelids. The drug is expensive, more budget analogues – Heparin, Liogel, Trombless. 
  5. Retinol. The composition contains the substance of the same name – a necessary vitamin to improve the skin condition.

Apply ointments in a thin layer 2-3 times a day. Before using, read the instructions and make sure that there are no contraindications. Ointments will not help to make up a bruise, but they fight the causes of its appearance, which is much more effective.

Creams can be equally effective when dark circles arise from dry skin and poor nutrition. To cope with swollen eyelids, products containing vitamins A, C, E, and retinoic acid will help. The cream, like the ointment, does not cover bruises but helps to remove and prevent their appearance.

From serums to fight bags, try professional preparations from well-known brands-VICHY, BIODERMA, GALENIC, AVENE. These products are more effective than creams. It is recommended to use them for dry skin.

Patches are another way to deal with blue under the eyes. They are strips that are superimposed on the eyelids. The patches are impregnated with vitamin complexes, essential oils, and hyaluronic acid. Representatives – Japan Gals, Gold Racoony Hydrogel, Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye-Spot. Patches fight circles, remove wrinkles, smooth out depressions.

Folk remedies

At home, you can prepare masks, serums, and creams that are no less effective than professional products. Swelling and swelling are removed by milk, lemon, cucumber, cottage cheese. Green tea will help to refresh.

Popular recipes:

  1. Raw potatoes-perfectly removes blue. To prepare the mask, peel the vegetable, grate it. Apply the resulting gruel for 15 minutes.
  2. Lemon and cucumber-refresh and brighten the skin. Take small slices, apply to dark circles for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Herbal decoction is an auxiliary measure for daily use. For cooking, it is useful to use sage, chamomile. Every morning, apply ice cubes from a decoction of herbs.

If a burning sensation, severe redness, itching, or inflammation begins, you need to abandon the traditional medicine used. If there are any side effects, wash your skin with warm water and apply a moisturizer.

Preventing the appearance of dark circles

The first step is to get rid of lack of sleep. Lack of proper sleep is the reason for the appearance of bags.

What else can I do to keep the skin around my eyes healthy?:

  • eliminate alcohol and smoking;
  • get more rest;
  • make time for outdoor activities and relaxation;
  • do not forget to wash off your makeup at night;
  • minimize coffee consumption.

With a healthy diet and a full night’s sleep, dark circles do not appear. In rare cases, mask your black eye with makeup. If the problem is very pronounced, visit a therapist who will prescribe tests and give you a referral to the right doctor based on their results.

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