How to heat massage stones

How to heat massage stones

Hot stone massage is all the rage as of late. It is an intensive treatment that allows for deep tissue, muscle penetration. This type of massage is most beneficial for stress worn or tired aching muscles. Those who are strained by sports injuries and the like may find this soothing, as this type of massage is less vigorous than some other forms. The rocks are placed at key points along the back and or entire body, often at key meridians and pressure points if one is trained in this art.

When looking for an ideal kit, it is important to find the proper stones. These are generally available through reputable beauty supply stores, or any wholesale spa catalogue geared toward the more holistic arts. I would also check massage web sites that specialize in this sort of merchandise. The weight and density of the stones is a key factor, also the ability to hold and maintain heat.

Generally, these stones are sold in kits according to the type of massage you intend to administer (back, facial, etc.). They tend to be pricey but well worth it, as they are polished and treated specifically to hold up well in high heat. I have seen these kits available for anywhere from $75 to $200, depending on quantity. It is important to have a good assortment of different shapes and sizes, as they are designed to be placed in key areas on the body and shaped to fit as such.

Another consideration is the type of heater. These shallow pan like implements hold heated water which Allows for the rocks to reach an even temperature. I would advise pricing around, as these also tend to be higher priced. It is important whatever device you opt for, that the heating implement gives off a steady and controllable temperature which can be adjusted accordingly.

Overheated rocks take a long time to cool off!

I have seen massage therapists use a crock-pot or similar heated electric cooking basin (like those caterers use), and this is a viable option for home massage. If using one, make certain the rocks are placed evenly around the basin and the heat is set at medium so you can check periodically and slowly get them up to temperature. For long term use though again I would suggest a reputable wholesale massage catalog to find a proper heater.

Maintaining and sterilizing your rocks is essential. Generally a wet towel is set in the bottom of the basin to prevent scorching. All the water must be emptied and the rocks thoroughly cleansed after each use, to assure proper sanitation. This is especially important when using essential oils as part of the massage.

Some oils may be corrosive, so if not in the know avoid this. The rocks may be cleansed with gentle antibacterial dish soap and brush. They must then be dried thoroughly, to prevent contamination, before the next use. If oils were used I would also thoroughly cleanse the basin of your heating implement and let it dry out.

This form of massage is wonderfully soothing, and when given properly can have a healing effect for fatigued and strained muscles. If intending on administering this treatment it is advisable to look into the study of reflexology. Check your local bookstore in the beauty/health section.

You will find a few tips and easy steps to offer a nurturing and revitalizing massage. You will also find yourself very popular among your friends!

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