How to have soft attractive feet

How to have soft, attractive feet and toenails

Having beautiful feet is synonymous with taking care of the body and well-being, but it can also mean a reflection on how our health is doing. The feeling of feeling free to take off your shoes whenever you want, due to changes in the weather or even for comfort, at the home of a family member or friend, is comforting.

Embarrassment about the appearance of your feet is much more common than you might think. And wearing closed shoes turns out to be the quickest alternative in the short term. However, such a strategy is of little benefit in the medium and long term, as smothering the feet in a tight shoe and depriving them of ventilation can be even more harmful as the feet can acquire calluses, chilblains, and dryness over time.

Discover the methods capable of treating, preventing, or reversing these problems:

Steel feet

The function of the foot bath is to relax and hydrate the feet with therapeutic and nutritional elements such as essential oils, salts, fruits, and specific herbs. There is a type of foot bath for every need, so you may want to research which would be the best foot bath for you to apply at home.

Although the foot bath is an old method, it is still widely used in clinics and spas, it also serves as a preparation for the next procedures. After the foot soak, perform a gentle massage from the fingertips to the heel.

Exfoliation for the feet

Exfoliation should be done to eliminate dead cells that, in excess, form calluses and make the skin rough. This exfoliation can be either homemade or from industrial products suitable for this purpose. Exfoliate at least once a week to keep your feet soft and beautiful.

Exfoliation also allows the moisturizer to penetrate the skin more easily, and transforms the cells, nourishing each one of them. Nourished cells make feet look younger.

Moisturizing with paraffin

Hydration with paraffin is indicated to maintain soft, young, and beautiful skin. It can be applied to both hands and feet. It is an essential method for removing dead cells, toning and firming the skin. The feet are bathed in layers of molten paraffin and later covered in specific gloves or socks to cause the intended reaction. After a few minutes the feet and hands will be full of hardened paraffin, just remove the pieces of it and apply a foot moisturizer.

Scraping of the calls

The habit of wearing shoes for most of the day can cause terrible and sometimes painful calluses. These calluses can be shaved by a podiatrist using specific instruments, or at home with a pumice stone or foot file. But it’s not enough just to shave the calluses, for them to disappear for good, it’s essential to keep your feet always hydrated. Then follow the procedures listed above in addition to scraping the calluses and having beautiful feet.

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