How to have a first great date

have a first great date

Going out with someone for the first time can be nerve-wracking as well as exciting. No matter how long you have known the person, the first date with romantic connotations can produce anxiety and uncertainty.

To put your best foot forward and have a great time, here are a few tips to consider trying:

  1. Look for best. Everyone feels more confident when they feel attractive. Choose a look that fits with your evening plans, but don’t overdo it. When in doubt, ask your date about the recommended dress code or what he or she plans to wear. Be conservative with cosmetics, jewelry, and style. Classic designs always score big.
  2. Get energized. Get eight hours’ sleep the night before, and take a cat nap earlier in the day if possible. Drink eight glasses of water and minimize caffeine intake. Avoid stressful situations. Think pleasant thoughts. Keep telling yourself that you are going out with someone you’re curious about and you are sure to have fun.
  3. Be punctual. Get ready and be waiting on time, whether you will be picked up or meet somewhere. No one likes to be kept waiting, which suggests a modicum of disrespect or neglect except in the case of extreme circumstances. Have a preset time of when you need to be home unless you want this to be a spontaneous evening. Boundaries will help promote respect as well as eagerness for the next time, if there will be a next time.
  4. Ensure you date has a good time. Accommodate his or her interests. Maintain a positive attitude. Suggest things that you think will be acceptable rather than just the things you want to do. Respect limits on the person’s time, abilities, and money.
  5. Be yourself. Don’t cover yourself with a false facade of pretending to be someone else. If you’re outgoing by nature, don’t be afraid to talk, laugh, or take the initiative. Tell the truth about your likes and dislikes. While you need not reveal a great deal about your past life or personal details, you can freely share tastes involved with this date, such as where and what to eat or do.
  6. Show appreciation. Even if become bored or realize this person will never be the one or you, remember to be polite. Say thank you, smile, and be pleasant. Treat your date as well as you would a business associate.
  7. Set clear limits. Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep. If the person wants to be romantic and you don’t, simply say so:

“I prefer that we get to know each other more first.”

If the first date is an eye opener that tells you never to see this person again, be frank when asked for a second date:

“Let’s think about it for a few days. I’ll call you if this seems like something we should pursue.”

While it is difficult to openly admit you’re not sure about continuing to see the person, it is far better to deal with your doubts now than to continue dating someone you don’t really care for.

Dating offers opportunities to become acquainted with a range of interesting people. But a date does not involve commitment, and you need never see the person socially again if you don’t want to. Be true to yourself, and the rest will follow naturally.

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