How to handle first child when second is born

How to handle  first child when second is born

Having a second child is a new and difficult experience not only for parents but also for older siblings. For older siblings, jealousy usually begins at some point due to the maid’s attention.

Here are 5 ways for parents to deal with older brother’s jealousy.

1.) Involve the older brother with the child in every way possible. Let the older child hold the baby, bring the baby’s diapers, help change the baby’s diapers and clothes, help the baby bathe, help feed the baby, etc. The baby will feel as important as the older sibling. And you will be amazed at how much fun the old man will have in doing this. What can be considered a job for us will be fun and different for an older child.

2.) Set aside time for older siblings. This can be difficult to do because children do not always have a good schedule. If they want to eat or just start screaming, you have to give up what you have to do with the older child to raise. This is where you get really jealous. You need to plan activities immediately with the older child when the baby is asleep, or when the baby is swinging happily.

3.) Go out somewhere for fun for older siblings, still a place where the baby can go. Go to the park, go to the mall, go to the ball game, bowl… .. go anywhere where the older sibling has a lot of fun and he can do something on his own, even if the child starts screaming for attention ۔

4.) Take a short vacation with older siblings. If you have a parent or someone you trust to see the baby for a day, take a day trip somewhere where you would not normally be able to go with the baby.

5.) Give the elder brother a break. Let her stay overnight with her grandparents or at a friend’s house. Everyone needs a break at all times; including children!

The important point is that the older siblings should be immediately involved in the child’s life in any way and you should try your best to get the attention of the older siblings. There will always be some jealousy, but if you make a conscious effort to stop it, you will soon be gone.

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