How to make hand candle mold sculpture

Lea Greenwood

Want to learn how to hand mold your own sculpture candles? Making your own sculpture candles can be fun, easy, and inexpensive. Read on for very simple instructions on how to hand mold sculpture candles using beeswax.

Beeswax is a great choice for candle making. Beeswax has a naturally pleasant scent, burns well, and is practically drip-free. Beeswax can be molded into an amazing number of interesting shapes.

Be very careful when using beeswax. Beeswax is extremely flammable. If beeswax is allowed to boil over onto the stove there is potential for a fire. Always use low heat when sculpting candles with beeswax and pay close attention to your work.

To begin your hand-molded sculpture candle you will need beeswax, water, mixing bowls, a small pot, kitchen tongs, waxed paper, ice cubes, a wicking cord, a yarn needle, scissors, and a tin can. If you own a double boiler it is best to use it to melt the beeswax instead of the pot and tin can.

Slice the beeswax block into smaller pieces. Chop each slice into even smaller chunks. Place the chunks into the tin. Fill the small pot about one-third of the way with water and place the can in the pot. Heat the water in the pot to a simmer. Carefully take the can containing the beeswax out of the pot using the kitchen tongs. Always use a stainless steel, plastic, or tin-plated container when melting beeswax. Iron, copper, brass, and aluminum containers tend to discolor beeswax, so avoid using these types of materials when melting your beeswax.

Place a sheet of waxed paper inside the small bowl. Place the waxed paper-lined bowl inside the larger mixing bowl. Pour the melted beeswax into the small bowl lined with waxed paper. Add cold water to the larger bowl and add ice cubes. This will help the beeswax to cool off faster.

After the wax has cooled off, remove it from the waxed paper. Start using your hands to mold it into your desired sculpture creation. Your warm hands will help to keep the beeswax pliable. Use your imagination. You can make just about anything from animals to people to mushrooms with beeswax. Do not worry about trying to make it perfect. Just have a good time molding your sculpture candle.

Next thread the yarn needle with the candlewick. Poke a small hole in the top of the candle sculpture with the needle’s point. Gently push the candle wick all the way through the center of the wax sculpture. Be sure to leave a generous amount of wicking at the top and bottom of your sculpture candle.

Hang the top end of the sculpted candle on a rack by its wick and hold it in place with a clothespin. Let your candle hang from the rack to cool and set. If you would like a smoother finish, you may dip your hand-sculpted candle into the leftover hot wax in the tin can. After about 30 seconds, remove the candle from the can. You may dip the candle as many times as you like to create the desired effect.

When your candle has hardened, cut the wick to the desired length at the top of the candle. At the bottom of the candle, trim the wick completely to create a smooth surface on the bottom of your candle.

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