How to hammer nails safely

How to hammer nails safely

At some point in our lives, we often find the need to use a hammer for one task or another. Hammering a nail is not just a job for handymen or construction workers. Most of the time, a person will use a hammer for everyday uses, such as putting up pictures and putting together shelves or constructing other simple pieces of furniture. Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to hammer a nail, so the next time you hang a picture, try these tips before you hammer.

1 Make sure you use the right tool for the job

It is important that you use the right tool for any job you may have, regardless of how small. Using a hammer designed for metal shaping for picture hanging may leave you with a rather large hole in your wall if you miss your mark. Consider how complex your job is and find out what hammer would be right for the job. If you were planning on something simple, a tack hammer or your basic curved claw hammer will do just fine.

2 Make sure you have a firm grip on the handle

If you’re not used to holding a hammer, you might be a little timid the first time. Hold onto the handle tightly, not only to keep it from flying out of your hand but also to help steady your hand when you drive the nail.

3 Hold the nail correctly

When hammering, hold the nail point against the surface of whatever you’re trying to nail (if hanging a picture, it helps to mark the spot with a pencil). For best results, hold the nail between your first finger and thumb and press it into the surface enough to create a divot, to help keep it steady between your fingers.

4 Drive with care

After your nail is steady, hit the flat surface of the nail with the hammer until it reaches the desired depth into the surface. Keep your wrist straight and use your forearm to lift and drop the hammer down. Use the weight of the hammer instead of your own force to drive the nail and don’t forget to keep your grip firm to keep control of your swing!

5 Safety First

Be careful when hammering. Don’t rush or try to do more than one thing at a time. You’ll pay attention to what you’re doing to keep from hitting your fingers or marking your wall.

If you’re hammering into the wood, put on safety goggles before your hammer. Slivers of wood can fly up into your face and damage your eyesight. If you happen to get a sliver of wood in your eye, seek medical attention immediately.

The task of hammering a nail is not a difficult one, even done incorrectly. However, if you know how to hammer a nail correctly, you will find hammering can be easier than you might think. So keep your wrist straight, hold tight to the handle, and watch your fingers. Happy hammering!

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