How to grow your hair long gracefully

How to grow your hair long gracefully

Do you have a hairstyle that is too short? Do you want a change?

Maybe you are considering growing your hair long. Maybe you’re unsure of how to do it gracefully. With this “How to” you will be well on your way to long beautiful hair that’s not only luxurious, it’s healthy too. Let’s get started!

First you need to ask yourself two questions. #1: How long do you want your hair? #2: Do you have the time to maintain your long hair properly? These are both vital questions that will help you decide what length you want and what length you can handle.

Long hair is sometimes difficult to keep healthy. You have to be willing to “keep up” with your long hair on a regular basis to keep it looking and feeling good. Once you have made the commitment to growing your hair long you have to start right away with proper maintenance. Let’s learn how to get your hair beautiful!

1) Start at the beginning:

“”Knowing your hair” is the key to keeping it healthy throughout the growing process. This means know if your hair is thin or thick, curly or straight, normal, dry, or oily. Also, know if your hair is strong or weak. You’re probably wondering, “How do I know that”? Doing an elasticity test on your hair is how you will find out. Take a single piece of your hair and gently pull on it. If it breaks easily your hair is strong and if it stretches while you are pulling on it your hair is weak. Understanding your hair type tells you what you need to do for properly maintaining your hair.

2) Get the right hair care products!

Product for your hair is the biggest way to keep your hair healthy during the growing process. Now that you know what type your hair is you have an advantage when choosing hair care products. Be SELECTIVE when purchasing your hair care products. This includes everything from shampoo, conditioner, detangler, gel, mousse, lotion, and hairspray. Choose shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. You don’t necessarily have to buy expensive products; however, you do get what you pay for.

Get the proper shampoo and make sure you ALWAYS use conditioner. (Conditioner closes the hair cuticle and helps with detangling and can help heal split ends). If the conditioner you are using now weighs your hair down, it is too heavy for your hair type. Choose one that is lighter on your hair. Purchase a detangler for your hair if it is hard to comb through. Use this after you rinse your hair and are ready to brush through it. Do not rinse the detangler out. (Detanglers also have special hair nutrients in them, so it’s like a vitamin for your hair)! If your hair seems very dry and breaks with the elasticity test your hair needs more moisture.

Try a moisturizing pack once or twice a week. Put this on after shampooing and comb it through. Wrap your hair up in a warm towel and leave it on for at least 20 minutes. Rinse, then apply a detangler. If your hair stretches during your elasticity test and feels gummy your hair needs protein (hair strengthener).

You will want to consult a hair care professional for suggestions on what protein pack to use on your hair. The reason is that if you use too much or leave your protein pack on too long you can cause more damage to your hair by OVER strengthening it. So consult your hairdresser and be careful.

Chemically treated hair should also have special attention when you are trying to grow your hair long. Do not over process your hair. Keeping your hair as healthy as you can will allow you to have the long hair you want. So be sure to choose hair products for “chemically treated” hair.

When choosing styling products make sure that when you apply them you are only doing so at the root of your hair. This will create a fuller look and will keep you hair from being weighed down. The only product you can use on the ends is a wax or a polish. These are special styling products that will create a silky, shiny, healthy look when you are using a blow dryer. They are usually heat activated and help to close the hair shaft and cuticle.

Choose a finishing spray that does not contain alcohol. There are a lot of hair sprays on the market without this over drying chemical in it. Alcohol only dries out your hair and you are trying to keep your hair as healthy as possible right?

3. Get a haircut!

What I mean by this is make sure you visit your hairdresser every six to eight weeks for a slight trim. If you don’t do this on a regular basis your hair will become split and reverse the growing out process, resulting in having to get more cut than you want to get those split ends off. Getting a eighth to a quarter inch cut will keep you hair healthy.

On average hair grows 1/4 inch a month in the fall and winter and 1/2 an inch a month in the spring and summer. Depending on how long you want your hair this will give you an idea of how long it will take.

Growing your hair long gracefully requires some maintenance; just make sure you stick with it. Keeping your hair as healthy as possible will benefit you in the end. It’s the key to having the most beautiful long hair you always dreamed of.

Be sure to continue using the right products for your hair once you have grown it to the length you want. You’ll have long, healthy hair for a very long time. Have fun!

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