How to grow out bangs

There are many reasons you may want to grow out your bangs. Maybe you’re tired of the upkeep, or you’re ready for a new look. Whatever the reason, growing out your bangs can be a challenge. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to grow out your bangs and style them during the transition.

How to grow out bangs
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You can’t cut your hair short

If your bangs are cut too short at the barbershop, you will probably experience extreme stress. Often masters suggest shortening the strands of hair on the forehead so that they do not get into the eyes. In this case, you should explain to the barber why he should not do this.

Tell them that your current goal is to grow bangs. The specialist will understand you and will not be so persistent. You can shorten your own forelock at home to cut the strictly necessary length. If you can’t resist the barber’s insistent suggestions, just use the services of another salon.

Comfortable hairstyle

What should be the hairstyles when growing out bangs? If a lock of hair on the forehead is longer than usual, it can not be braided or put behind the ear. In this case, you should choose several hairstyles when the bangs do not cover the face. Different variations of styling are also suitable. If you can’t think of anything, check out photos of celebrities with bangs.

Cut by 1-2 mm

Earlier we talked about the fact that it is better not to trust the hairdresser to shorten the bangs. But getting rid of the cut non-living ends of the hair is simply necessary. Therefore, you should sometimes cut your bangs by 1-2 mm. This simple procedure is carried out at home or contact a hairdresser to a specialist.

Some girls use a special tool for precise haircuts – a level for shortening hair. You can simplify the task by using regular curl clips.

How to grow bangs fast

Let’s look at some tricky secrets of growing bangs. Experts recommend paying attention to a whole arsenal of different tools:

  • masks;
  • tinctures;
  • oils;
  • decoctions;
  • mouthwashes;
  • vitamins.

You should also remember the classic masks for increasing hair length: yeast, mustard, beer, honey, kefir, and egg. If you have been thinking about how to grow long bangs for a long time, just start adding vitamins to your hair rinse and shampoo. Their price is reasonable, and one bottle of vitamins A and E will last you for a couple of months. Use no more than 8 drops of the nutrient at a time.

An effective “regrowth” of hair is also pepper tincture, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. And nicotinic acid is considered a magic drug, with the help of which hair grows an order of magnitude faster. You should buy it in capsules.

Application of nicotinic acid

How to grow bangs in 2 weeks with nicotinic acid? This product should be rubbed into the scalp in this way:

  1. Put nicotinic acid in a syringe without a needle.
  2. Spread the product on the part of the head where you think the hair should grow quickly.
  3. Rub the medicine into the roots.

Nicotinic acid is contraindicated in some people, so please read the instructions before using it.

Thick bangs

How do quickly grow bangs so that it becomes thick? First, you should pay attention to the fact that thicker long strands of hair can not be worn on the face. If you don’t want to pull them to the side or back, consider the option with oblique bangs.

If your forelock is very rare, you can increase its density as follows:

  1. Make a haircut, but leave a large strand so that the amount of hair visually increases.
  2. Perform therapy for curls. Pepper tincture, onion juice, and nicotinic acid will help you here.

What to do with uneven bangs

So, you already know how to grow bangs quickly. But some girls sometimes think about this question: first cut off uneven strands of hair and then grow them back, or do the opposite? In this case, you should decide on the goal of increasing the length of the forelock. Do you want to crop it again in the future? But then there’s no point in getting a haircut.

Anyone who knows exactly what length of bangs is needed should just cut their hair sometimes, trying to achieve the ultimate goal.

Diet plan

Lovers of strict diets often do not know how to quickly grow bangs at home. After all, the restriction of carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins instantly affects the hair: they become brittle and lifeless, their shine disappears, and the ends split.

Those girls who want to grow silky and thick bangs should reconsider their diet. You should consume a sufficient amount of food according to your weight and age. The body needs to get protein, which is found in meat, eggs, and fish. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds and nuts contain fats that are beneficial for humans. Hair will also benefit from buckwheat, rice, fish oil, and seafood. Do not forget to drink vitamin complexes in the autumn-winter period.

How to take care of it?

So how much can you grow bangs for? Ardent lovers of hairdryers, tongs, irons, and curling irons will not be able to do this quickly. After all, their hair often looks like two due to split ends and singed ends. During regrowth, you should reduce the frequency of use of these devices and use thermal protection devices.

Proper bang care includes the following rules:

  • don’t comb your forelock;
  • do not brush wet hair;
  • gently wash and comb your hair;
  • rinse with herbal decoctions;
  • wipe by soaking, not twisting;
  • choose a perfect hairstyle;
  • use balms and shampoos for your hair type;
  • wear a headdress both in summer and winter;
  • style your hair with gentle movements so that it doesn’t break out;
  • take care of your bangs and take care of it.

Remember that the key to success is high-quality cosmetics made from natural products. Therefore, you should contact well-known trusted brands that have received positive reviews and have proven themselves well.

How to style?

Don’t know how to pin your bangs when you’re growing them out? The first allies in styling a strand of hair and removing it from the face are gel and wax. If desired, you can use other styling tools.

For women, girls, and girls, there are such versions of styling:

  • harnesses, rollers with hairpins, and invisible;
  • elastic bands, headbands, hoops that fix short bangs;
  • smooth combed forelock or styled with hairpins;
  • various variations of braiding braids (you can also do it on short bangs);
  • giving a suitable shape to your hair.

You can use all the ideas either individually or in a complex. As a result, your bangs will become a decoration for you even when you just started to grow them.

What does the bang’s growth rate depend on?

Do you still ask how to grow bangs quickly and imperceptibly? The speed of hair regrowth depends on the implementation of the rules presented above, as well as on the characteristics of the individual’s body. Experts say that if you use masks, nicotinic acid, and vitamins in the complex, eat right, and have enough rest, then the hair length can increase by 6 cm in a month. Agree, this is a fantastic result if you take into account the fact that usually, curls grow by 1 cm over the same period.

But even if you follow all the rules, the bangs will not grow by 12 cm in a week. Therefore, do not rush the growth of strands just wash your hair in the usual mode and let your hair rest.

We suggest you study tips for growing bangs at an accelerated pace:

  1. Take a walk in the fresh air as often as possible.
  2. Eat right and rationally.
  3. Rest and go to bed on time.
  4. To improve the quality of your hair, use oils, herbs, and vitamins.
  5. Take care of your hair.
  6. Do not use a hair dryer, curling iron, or coloring.

You can grow bangs easily. It is enough just to devote a little time to it.

How to style short bangs

Short bangs are quite difficult to style, but thanks to them, you can experiment with style. The easiest way to make it even shorter is with hairpins, headbands, or silk shawls. Accessories are best chosen to match the color of clothing or neutral colors to match your hair.

Usually, hairpins are used when they are going to go for a walk with friends in the park or to a movie. To do this, apply a little nail polish to the comb, comb back the bangs and fix it with one or two hairpins crosswise. If you want to emphasize this area, choose bright hairpins with ornaments or ornaments.

Headscarves and headbands are suitable for dates and walks. With their help, you can fix strands of hair from behind, make a crest from them, slightly shift the rim to the forehead, or completely hide it. For more romantic moments, use a headband with rhinestones or flowers. Choose a handkerchief that matches your clothing or contrasts with it.

Braids and braids are still popular today. So feel free to braid your forelock in a braid. Only the pigtail should be placed along the hairline along the entire forehead. So it will perform the function of an unusual rim, and it will last longer.

From short bangs, a full-fledged pigtail will not work, but there is a way out in this case. Divide the forelock into several strands and weave them casually together, or twist them into a bundle. You will get an exceptional twist, which should be pinned to the side at the base of the forehead.

Bangs, curled in small curls, perfectly harmonize with wavy short hair. Such a playful hairstyle can be created with a small amount of hair foam and small simple curlers. It is better to leave the curlers overnight, and in the morning tousle the curls slightly and sprinkle them with varnish.

Home recipes for grow-out bangs

Masks based on onion, mustard, garlic, and red pepper will help to stimulate the hair bulb for accelerated hair growth. These products can be bought by everyone, unlike very expensive cosmetics. Also, by making a mask with your own hands, you will be sure of its naturalness. We suggest you study the following effective recipes for hair growth:

  1. Honey mask. Mix the honey and egg yolk in equal proportions. Apply twice a week to the scalp for 20 minutes.
  2. Mustard mask. Combine 2 tablespoons of mustard powder with water to make a sour cream-like mass. Add 1 tablespoon of castor oil to it. Stir and apply to the bangs area, smearing it with clean oil in advance, not reaching the roots by 1 cm. This should be done so that the hair does not dry out. Hold the mask for 15 minutes and wash your hair.
  3. Onion juice. Chop the onion and squeeze out the juice. Add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil to it and apply it on the scalp. This remedy is considered the most effective, although after its application an unpleasant smell remains. To eliminate this smell, you can use an acidic solution of vinegar or lemon juice.
  4. Rubbing tomatoes. Chop a fresh tomato with a blender, and rub the resulting mass into the forelock area. Such rubs can be made all over the head, if necessary.
  5. Pepper vodka. Pour vodka pepper, and insist for at least 14 days. Pepper tincture is also sold in pharmacies and is very cheap. Next, mix it with castor oil in a ratio of 1: 1 and rub it into the scalp in the bangs area.

Head massage

Hair growth is completely dependent on blood circulation in the peripheral vessels, so stimulation of these areas is extremely necessary. The easiest way is to perform a head massage. It should be performed with light kneading movements every day.

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