11 Easy Ways To GROW OUT YOUR BANGS Faster in 2022

Is it your dream to have long, luxurious hair? Do you often ask yourself the question? How to grow your bangs fast”? Forget about extensions and miracle pills. Use effective tips to make your desire a reality.

How to grow out bangs in 2 weeks

What affects the speed of hair growth

The rate of growth depends on race, gender, and age. Asians will achieve the best results in growing, and Africans will take the last place, as their curls are twisted in a spiral. Women have faster hair regrowth and men-their renewal.

In 18-30 years — the highest growth activity. Children and the elderly have the lowest rates.

The growth rate is influenced by external and internal factors. External factors include the season, time of day, and environment.

Internal causes of insufficient hair growth can be as follows:

  • impact of stress;
  • hormonal diseases of the body;
  • acute and chronic infections;
  • an unbalanced diet that leads to a lack of useful trace elements;
  • poor blood circulation due to caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes;
  • genetics

Are you tired of your current hairstyle?

Do you have short bangs and want a new look? Why don’t you try growing your bangs out? It’s not as hard as you may think. With this “How to” you can grow out your bangs successfully without being frustrated and before you know it you will have a great new hairstyle and feel like a new woman!

Let’s start from the beginning. How short are your bangs? This is the first order of business. How short are they in comparison to the length of the rest of your hair? How long do you want your bangs to be? These are all questions you need the answers to in order to get the “growing out” process started. This will also give you a rough idea of how long it will take for you to achieve your desired look.

You’re probably asking, “How long will it take”? It is estimated that your hair grows about 1/4 inch per month in fall and winter and 1/2 inch per month in the spring and summer. Some women say their hair grows very fast so if you are one of the lucky ones you will have those bangs grown out in no time!

Now that you know what look you want and approximately how long it will take let’s get started growing out those bangs!

1. Buy some barrettes!

In order to keep your hair out of your eyes, you will need some reinforcements. Barrettes will assist you in that department. They don’t have to be huge barrettes, just big enough to hold back your hair. If you don’t like the look of barrettes buy some bobby pins. They make them in various colors so get ones that match your hair color and you won’t even notice them.

2. Buy some styling aids!

Purchase hair gels, mousse, or lotions that have a stronghold. Place the product all over paying special attention to your bang area. Always place your styling aid at the root (base) of your hair. (If placed at the ends it will only weigh your hair down).

3. Try new styles!

When styling your hair try new things. For instance: Try blow-drying your bangs back or off to the side with a blow dryer. Make sure you use a smaller brush (a round brush works great). You can still blow them under until they get into your eyes then you might want to consider the above suggestions. This will make it less frustrating for you. If you are having trouble blowing them the way you want them to go try using a stronger gel or mousse. Lotions seem to have a lighter hold and might not work for you.

Slicking your hair back into a ponytail is also an easy way to get your bangs out of your eyes while they are growing out. You could also try braiding your hair if you are the know-how. If you have trouble braiding, try twisting it in small sections back and hold it with small clips or decorative clamps. Headbands can also come in handy for keeping those bangs up and out of your eyes.

Another suggestion is to use rollers. Velcro rollers are great and very easy to put in. Hot rollers are also an option. (Hint: place a piece of cotton under the first roller in the front so you don’t burn your forehead). You can also try a curling iron for your bang area.

4. Get out that hairspray!

Be sure to purchase some hairspray ladies! A lot of women don’t like the feel of hairspray, however, when growing out your bangs you need all the assistance you can get. Buy a “stronghold” hairspray so when you are done styling your hair you can keep it in place with a touch of spray. You don’t have to use it all over, just in the spots needed. It will be an asset to your overall look and keep those bangs in place.

5. Visit your hairdresser!

Make sure you get frequent haircuts, at least every 6 weeks. A lot of women think that if you prolong haircuts your hair will grow faster. This is not true! Even though you are growing out your bangs, they still need to be trimmed up. If you let them go without proper maintenance your ends will start to split.

This will reverse the effect of growing them out and your hair will look dry and damaged. The look we all want is healthy and shiny, right? Be sure to let your hairdresser know that you are growing your bangs out so they will only trim a tiny bit off the ends. You probably won’t even notice.

Another idea might be to trim the back and sides of your hair shorter than you usually do. This will speed up the growing out process in your bang area. If you normally get a half-inch cut try going for a whole inch or more. The choice is yours.

Every woman wants a change once in a while and what a great way to get a new look! Grow out those bangs, ladies! It doesn’t have to be a frustrating process if you don’t allow it to be.

Have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to be creative and try new styles along the way. Use the tools provided for you in this “How To” and make growing out your bangs an adventure that leads to a new you.

6. Comb the bangs

A common saying to people who want to grow their hair quickly is to brush it often. But combing does not mean any combing. Above all, combing while wet hair makes the hair more easily stretched, and if you do, it may break or break your hair easily, and instead of growing it, it may break in the middle. Please comb your bangs regularly and frequently in a dry state.

7. Eat Protein

Sulfur, protein, and iodine are foods that help your bangs grow faster. Milk, eggs, soybeans, kelp, various seaweeds, soybean paste, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and roasted barley are rich in ingredients that make hair grow faster and stronger.

Instant foods and fast foods are rich in iron-destroying ingredients. Oily foods, spicy foods, and alcohol can also slow down luxury, causing your body to heat up and dry your scalp. For hair, reduce salt intake and eat healthy food.

8. Don’t cover your head with a towel

This method is especially popular with women. After squeezing water on freshly washed hair with your hands, wrap your hair with a dry towel. Then I often do makeup. Hair is more likely to be damaged when fibers such as towels meet with wet and weakened hair. For example, if this behavior has become a habit, if it is too convenient to give up, you should give up even the bangs.

9.Let it dry naturally

In general, the bangs are often dried together when the entire hair is dried. In this case, a dryer is often used for quick drying. At this time, please dry naturally as much as the bangs. In general, if you apply heat to your hair, your hair can easily get damaged and become brittle. For example, if you need to use a hairdryer, it is better to use it with lukewarm or cool wind or a fan rather than a hot temperature.

10.Staining temporarily stopped

Chemicals, such as hair dye, prevent healthy hair roots from being maintained, weakening the scalp and hair easily and making it difficult to grow. The hair naturally deteriorates as well. In particular, I pay more attention to the color of the bangs and the roots. If you want to grow your bangs faster, avoid dyeing your hair for about a month.

11.Taking care of your scalp

The most basic and important thing is scalp care. Hair growth starts right on the scalp. In short, if your hair is a plant, your scalp is the soil. A tree (hair) can grow healthy and grow long only when the plant’s roots and soil are properly managed. If you massage the bangs regularly and take care of a clean scalp, hair can grow straight without overdoing it.

12. Sleep early

The most active time for hair growth is between 10 pm and 2 pm when the growth hormone is the most stimulated. Therefore, it is better to take a spit. Also, there are many people who wash their hair late at night. Wash and dry your hair for 2 hours before going to bed. Sleeping with wet hair is very bad for your scalp and hair, as friction can damage your hair.

11.Take vitamins

Among vitamins, it is iron that directly affects the growth rate of hair. For example, if our body lacks iron or has a destructive diet, hair growth will inevitably be slow, and cell division will slow down, so it may take thousands of years to grow bangs. Vitamin C and iodine also help hair growth. Vitamin C helps the absorption of iron, so if you take it together, the effect is doubled.

Usually, hair grows about 1 cm per month. This is just an average, some people grow 0.5cm and some people grow 2cm. For this reason, those who do not have easy hair growth will struggle to grow quickly. It is recommended that you continue to follow the method I gave you for about a month. If you stop doing it, it will just grow at your normal growth rate. It’s not a difficult method, so if you take a little care, your bangs will grow in no time.

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