How to grow a vegetable garden

vegetable garden

Choose a good location to make your garden. Be sure that the garden will get enough sunlight. Clear the area of any grass or weeds. Turn the soil with your shovel, making sure that there are no lumps in the soil. Rake over the soil to gather any unwanted roots and debris.

Choose the fertilizer that you will use. Fertilizer and garden tools can be purchased at any home supply store. Choose a fertilizer that is intended to be used only for vegetable gardens. Sprinkle it over the top of the garden soil. Next, turn the garden soil again to mix the fertilizer with the soil.

You can purchase all the garden tools that you’ll need at the home supply store also. You will need a shovel, rake, hoe and garden hose. Decide which vegetables you want to plant.

Seeds can be bought at hardware and home and supply stores and there is a big variety. Choose seeds that are suitable for your area and climate. Depending on the size of your garden you will probably plant one row of each vegetable.

These stores also sell plants that are ready for planting. Some people prefer the plants because they seem to grow faster and there is already a good root system on them. Some people prefer plants because they require less time to mature. There are those who have no patience when it comes to waiting for seeds to come up.

A fall garden is always nice. At this time of the year its cooler and much more pleasant to work in the garden. Choose plants that grow well in cool weather such as any kind of greens, winter squash, lettuce, and celery. I’ve always had good luck with my fall gardens, especially with mustard greens and collard greens.

Some people use the Farmers Almanac to plant their gardens. It gives a lot of very good information on when to plant and what to plant in your garden. There’s an old saying that if you plant during the full moon you will have a bountiful garden. The Farmers Almanac will tell you when there’s a full moon.

Keep your garden weed free. Weeds will choke the roots of your plants and kill them. Every two or three days check for weeds and if you see any pull them out. Be sure that you pull the root out, too, so that it won’t come back.

Give your plants a good sprinkle of water every afternoon. Do not over water.

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