How to glow up

How to always look glow up and look Prettier is a question that worries women, regardless of their age, nationality, and place of residence. Still-everyone wants to feel admiring glances on themselves and understand that they are irresistible. 

How to glow up

But alas, we are all endowed with different looks, advantages, and disadvantages, and that is why it is much more important not to senselessly follow the trends of fashion, but to study our strengths and weaknesses. “A woman without taste, even in a stylish dress, will be tasteless,” says Karl Lagerfeld. Can I disagree with him? Indeed, much more important is not what is given to us by nature, but what we can mold out of it.

Most girls make their biggest mistakes before the age of 30 when they especially want that little dress like Lena’s and those shoes from the store. They are bright and beautiful. As we get older, we begin to understand that it is much more important to look not fashionable, but appropriate and statuesque. Everyone understands that clothes should be of high quality, make-up-concise, hair, skin, and hands glowing up. But all these actions are rather mechanical in nature and are solved by going shopping and going to a beauty salon.

True beauty is your inner glow, self-confidence, positive attitude, correct speech, smooth movements, proud posture, easy gait, and the ability to present yourself. In general, everything that does not lie on the shelves of stores and is not purchased in beauty salons but comes through daily painstaking work on yourself. Today we will focus in more detail on the practical side of the issue.

What prevents you from Glowin up?

It would seem that there is such a thing-eat right, follow simple principles of face, hair, and body care, do not forget about moderate physical activity and do it all regularly. Difficult? Not at all. So why is it that only some girls and women manage to look good in all circumstances, while others do not understand this art?

Leaders among excuses — lack of money, time, and desire. Many girls are endlessly ready to hide behind work and employment, household chores, children, and a husband. More precisely, even to put the latter as an argument against I, they say, have already taken my time off, there is a stamp, why should I worry too much about my appearance. Do I need to describe all the consequences of such behavior now and blame men for wanting to see slim, smart, beautiful, able to present themselves and support the conversation?

Let’s face it — to devote enough time to ourselves, we are often prevented by banal laziness and unwillingness to change the usual way of life. Everyone from time to time has thoughts in the spirit of “Come on, I’m already very good, at my age, I’ll go eat.” Others at this time go to the gym and get a manicure, having time to read/listen to at least a couple of new books a month.

Psychologists call this lazy behavior of the beautiful half learned helplessness or Nemogun’s syndrome. When we do not try to get out of a situation that does not suit us and accept the eternal lack of time, effort, and money, we simply program ourselves to fail and, of course, unattractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex.

How to become beautiful?

To become outwardly and, most importantly, internally beautiful, you need not only to win the genetic lottery but also to adhere to simple daily rules for maintaining yourself in good shape:

  1. The key to success in any endeavor is to keep doing it until it’s the way you want it to be. If you really want to, then everything will work out.
  2. Time. If you have lived 20-30-40 years without caring too much about your own appearance, it is foolish to believe that you can change it in a day or a week. Start small.
  3. Money. Yes, yes, after all, financial investments will be required. But we are not talking about millions of fortunes that you will refer to cosmetologists and makeup artists. No, everything is much simpler — properly selected cosmetics (for care and decorative) will work well, even if they are from the “budget” series. And no one has canceled folk cosmetics, although their effectiveness is often much lower.
  4. Knowledge. Before you rush into the battle for beauty, you should know exactly what to do, when and with what frequency. Excessive care is just as harmful as inadequate care. And improperly chosen procedures can do more harm than good.

What should I do every day for glow up?

For convenience, we will divide beauty care into several “fronts”: hair, face, arms, legs, and body.

Hair glow up

The main condition for the beauty of hair is cleanliness. No excuses, worries, and problems should allow you to walk around with a stale head. Never. Not discussed.

The next condition for a beautiful head of hair is health. Identify the problem areas of your hair-brittleness, dryness or tendency to greasiness, dandruff or insufficient volume-and choose care that takes these features into account. It is also important to choose the right haircut and color

It is best to contact specialists — hairdressers or stylists. However, if you are limited in funds, it is enough only to periodically cut the ends of your hair, otherwise leaving them in their natural state. If it is not possible to regularly tint your hair, color it once — in a shade that is as close as possible to your natural one, and then allow it to gradually grow back.

We deal with facial and body hair in a different way-we delete it. Here, too, without compromise.

Masks for oily hair: oatmeal, mustard, clay, cucumber. For dry hair, masks made from carrot juice, any vegetable oil, honey are suitable.

Face glow up

Three stages of facial care: cleansing, toning, moisturizing-should become your daily companions.

Get rid of the habit of washing your face with hot water and soap-only cool (not icy!) water and special products-foams or soap-free gels.

For dry skin, the use of make-up remover is suitable. Apply it not on the sponge, but directly on the skin, lightly massaging it along the massage lines. Without waiting for the product to be absorbed, remove the milk with a cotton pad, and then apply the toner according to skin type.

Cream on the skin should be applied 30-40 minutes before going outside. This is especially important in the cold season.

Whether to use decorative cosmetics or not is up to you. But if you use it, follow the measure, do not turn your face into a canvas or a carnival mask.

Do not forget to monitor the shape of your eyebrows, but do not try to completely change it (both excessively thin and unnaturally wide eyebrows look equally ugly). It is advisable to choose the color of the eyebrows under the shade of the hair roots.

Hands glow up

Delicate skin, neat nails of natural length and color-this is a classic that goes to everyone and always looks great. At the same time, you can not cover your nails with varnish — just make sure that they are clean and neat in shape.

If you consider nail polish a mandatory element of manicure — do not allow yourself to walk with an overgrown or chipped coating.

Legs glow up

Pedicures should be done regularly, regardless of the time of year. Yes, no one can see your nails in winter, but you should always monitor them at least on your own.

Once a month to make a foot bath, once every two weeks to correct the shape of the nails, and once a week to exfoliate rough skin can be at home, without contacting the salon.

Body glow up

We will never get tired of talking about the need to comply with hygiene standards! A contrast shower in the morning will help you wake up, and a warm one in the evening will set you up for relaxation and rest.

Twice a week, in addition to the shower gel, use a body scrub, this will make the skin velvety and improve the metabolic processes in the dermis.

After showering, moisturize your skin with milk, lotion, or body cream.

Excess weight, as well as insufficient, is ugly and harmful to health. Keep an eye on your diet and exercise levels to keep your weight and volume within the physiological norm.

Separately, it should be said about clothes and shoes. Even not-so-new clothes can look good if they are clean and tidy. Remember that beauty is largely determined by relevance — when creating an image, always consider where, with whom, and at what time you are going. Both a tracksuit, jeans, and a luxurious evening dress can look equally funny and stupid if you put them on out of place.

Choose simple styles and cuts, compensating them with the quality of fabrics, if you do not know how to build a wardrobe yourself.

Do not buy cheap things made of leatherette: it is better to stop at one, but the decent bag, than at three cheap and bright ones that will immediately kill the whole image.

Mistakes in self-care

Trying to get closer to the ideal, many tend to “go too far”. What “excesses” can instantly negate all efforts to take care of yourself? First of all, this is:

  1. Too plucked or unnaturally bright and clear eyebrows (as if drawn with a felt-tip pen).
  2. Too long nails, especially with bright and catchy designs — pebbles, aquarium paintings, pendants, etc.
  3. Incorrectly selected accessories. Better one beautiful bracelet of good quality than a whole scattering of cheap market items.
  4. Too thick a layer of makeup — “plaster” on the face.
  5. A sharp, overly saturated perfume. The fragrance of a real woman should be barely perceptible, and not give the impression that you are in a flower bed.
  6. The desire to “show everything at once”. Choose the accent of your image: cleavage, eyes, lips, legs or arms. Underline the selected zone, leaving the rest neutral.
  7. Artificial tan of dark or red shades-grilled chickens can cause an appetite, grilled girls-no.
  8. Focusing only on appearances. Glowing is both character and behavior, and competent speech, and self-confidence. Develop, learn, improve yourself not only externally, but also in the soul.

As you can see, looking always glow up and beautiful is not so difficult, you just need to want, be patient, and put a little effort into it. And remember: one of the main qualities of success is hidden in self-love. And this is not pity and self-indulgence, but the belief that you deserve the best, but to achieve success, you still need to work on yourself, because there is no limit to perfection.

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