How to give yourself a pedicure with household items

How to give yourself a pedicure with household items

Feet have the important job of supporting the total weight of your body. Generally, a person walks about five thousand steps a day. If you choose walking as a form of exercise, the total steps can increase to ten thousand or more. That’s a lot of walking, and a lot of stress on your feet. Therefore, it’s very important to take extra special care of your feet. One way to do that is with a pampering pedicure.

Pedicures can cost hundreds of dollars at a high-end salon. So for the price you might pay at a high-end salon, you will be able to treat yourself to several at-home pampering pedicures. Here’s how to give yourself a pedicure at home:


Gather the following supplies:

Large dishpan – to prepare foot bath

Small marbles –to cover the bottom of dishpan

Essential oils – optional

Nail polish remover


Pumice stone

Nail file

Nail polish – optional



Book, magazine, music

Candle – optional


Set up area for your pedicure.

Place towel on floor.

Place dishpan on top of towel.

Place marbles in dishpan, covering only the bottom.

Fill dishpan about two-thirds full of hot but not scalding water.

Place four to five drops of essential oil in the water. Peppermint essential oil is great to use in a foot bath. It smells fantastic and it will certainly help energize your tired feet!


Clean toenails with nail-polish remover. If your toenails are polished, make sure that you completely remove all of the polish.


Grab a favorite book or magazine to enjoy for the next few minutes.


Place both feet in footbath. Soak for 15-20 minutes or until the water is no longer warm.


Pat feet dry. Use a pumice stone to gently remove any rough spots on your feet, such as the ball of your foot or the heel of your foot.


Place feet back into foot bath to help remove any excess skin particles.


Remove feet from foot bath and dry feet horoughly. Be sure to dry between each toe.


Moisturize feet by using a favorite lotion. Don’t just apply the lotion; gently massage your feet as you put the lotion on.


If you tend to have sweaty feet, you may wish to use some foot powder.


Give your feet a splash of color by painting your toenails with your favorite color of nail polish.


Now that you’ve finished your pampering pedicure, it’s time to show off those pampered tootsies!

Here are a few tips to help you keep your feet in great shape:

*Always trim or cut nails straight across at the top of the nail. Do NOT attempt to dig out an ingrown toenail. If you do, it may increase your chance of getting an infection.

*Wear comfortable shoes that fit well. High heels can cause various back problems and problems with your feet. If you enjoy wearing heels, make sure that you don’t wear them every day.

*Problems with your feet may be a sign of more serious medical conditions. Contact a podiatrist if you have diabetes, or if you have any foot problems such as corns, calluses, bunions, ingrown toenails and fungal infections.

*Pamper yourself with an at-home pedicure at least once a month.

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