How to give yourself a makeover without makeup

How to give yourself a makeover without makeup

Life around us becomes daily more frantic, hectic, and on-the-go, making the time to relax, and unwind has become more important than ever. One of the best ways that you can pamper yourself at home is with a makeover. No longer just the domain of department stores and ritzy spas, makeovers are becoming more commonplace in the home.

Friends give them to each other, and even parties are organized around the premise of taking a little “me-time,” relaxing and looking your best. However, it is not necessary to have someone else around in order to indulge. You can easily give yourself a fully deserved makeover in the comfort of your own home.

The makeovers that we typically see in department stores are all about reviving your look, updating your colors, and trying something new. The singular hardest part about recreating that for yourself is breaking away from your old routine. The best way to inexpensively try giving yourself a brand new look is to head out to the local drugstore or mega-mart; look for a place with a wide selection of makeup brands and colors.

Start out by finding a cheap brand of makeup; often those designed for teenage and preteen girls have lower prices. In that brand, look for high-impact makeup items: blushes, eye-shadows, lipsticks, and so on. Many people complain that the cheapest makeup products tend to be of poorer quality. Though this assertion may be true, it will not matter; your only goal is trying on different colors, not actually using the products for lengthy periods of time.

Those uncomfortable with totally breaking their makeup routines (or who feel they will not be able to tell which new colors are truly flattering) can consider merely expanding their color palettes by trying new shades in the same family as their current color choices.

Trying out new colors will be a big part of giving yourself a makeover at home. Layering different shades, trying combinations of different new products and practicing with the new items will help you break out of the same old makeup choices. New techniques for applying makeup can also help with giving yourself a makeover.

There are a number of sources out there for anyone wanting to learn new techniques for applying makeup; since you are purposely trying out new strategies, feel free to give any of them a chance. Do remember though, if the results are not to your liking, that a number of the beauty tips out there are designed to specifically emphasize a particular part of your face (think of the classic smoky eyes or the bright red pout of glossy lipstick).

Combining a number of these techniques together can give your face an over-done and grossly dramatic look; start small when experimenting.

There are few tools that at-home makeover artists require. Most important is a good mirror with good lighting. Choose a site if possible near a large window with natural light; otherwise opt for light that can shine at your face as horizontally as possible rather than down on your face from above.

A few bright desk lamps arranged strategically can help to illuminate your face and minimize shadowed areas. Consider a small investment in disposable applicators as well, or use your fingers instead of loading your everyday brushes with new colors. Q-tips or cotton balls can stand in for applicators in a pinch; they are inexpensive and disposable options to help you keep from mixing colors in their containers.

Above all else, at-home makeovers require a sense of adventure. Nothing you do will be permanent, so have fun trying new things. Makeovers can be as relaxing and fun as playing dress-up is for kids; use your imagination and enjoy!

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