How to give a foot massage

How to give a foot massage

The feet are often a very neglected part of the body. Cooped up in shoes and socks all day, they may not get a chance to be out in the open. However, a real treat for someone close to you is to give them a foot massage. The feet, when manipulated through massage, can lead to a feeling of revilatization throughout our entire body.

This massage technique does not pretend to be a lesson in reflexology. Reflexology is a practice of massage which holds that all of the nerve endings in our feet directly correct correspond to various organs and portions of our body. The massage technique which follows does not claim to have any medical benefits. However, when it is done correctly, it will more than likely have your recipient walking away with a feeling of well-being and peace.

To begin with, you need to make sure that you have the correct supplies. All you really need is some baby oil, a few towels, and a tray of warm water. Have the person who is to receive the massage remove their shoes and socks and soak their feet in the warm water for about ten minutes. Do not make the water too hot. Dry their feet well. You may wish to light incense or candles and darken the room somewhat to increase the feeling of relaxation.

Before beginning the massage, the recipient may be a bit hesitant. Many people are quite sensitive and ticklish on their feet. Reassure the person that you will use firm, slow strokes rather than light, quick ones. Have the recipient get comfortable in a chair with their feet propped up on a footstool or another chair. Urge them to close their eyes and relax.

Place your hands gently around their feet for a few minutes. Simply leave them there and allow the warmth from your hands to connect with their feet. After this, place a small amount of oil in your hands and rub your hands together. Take one of the recipient’s feet into your hands and begin by rubbing the sole of their foot with your thumbs.

Work your thumbs in a circular motion all the way from the heel to the base of the toes. Use more oil as needed, but remember that too much will cause your hands to slide and will make the recipient feel uncomfortable.

After this, make a fist with one of your hands. Press your knuckles into the sole of their foot repeatedly, working your way from the heel to the toes. Then work the toes themselves: Take each toe individually and place it between your thumb and forefinger. Gently manipulate it, then give it a slight tug at the end. Many people overlook the toes during a foot massage, so take care to remember them.

Next, place the recipient’s foot into your lap and place your thumbs on the top of the person’s foot. Gently press your fingers into the recipient’s foot all along their sole. At the end of the massage, gently run your fingers along the top of the foot to provide a relaxing feeling. Repeat all of the above with the recipient’s other foot.

After the massage, dry the feet thoroughly and apply baby powder, if you wish. Urge the recipient to drink plenty of water, especially over the next twenty-four hours.

The great thing about a foot massage is that you can give one to yourself or to someone else. Many people love them so much they state that receiving a foot massage is like getting a full body massage without removing anything but your shoes. You may find yourself fending off requests from your recipient for another foot massage soon after the first one!

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