How to get your child into acting

How to get your child into acting

I want to be an actress!

This is the response you will receive from many children when asked, “what would you like to be when you grow up?” Every child harbors a secret desire for recognition and success. With careful guidance and consideration, we can steer our children in the right direction to help them make better life choices for the future.

It makes sense that we love what we are good at, or is it we are good at what we love? Either way, we tend to enjoy doing and improving our skills on natural talents.

Most children really enjoy some form of music, drama, and/or singing. With the right programs to develop and utilize their talents, you may help cultivate what could be our next Super Star. Just because a child lacks a certain talent, does not mean it can’t be learned. When we had a desire to ride a bicycle, with enough practice at falling down, and persistence, one day we mastered this newfound skill.

Now what? Your child is playing the piano, singing up a storm, and you have been bombarded on an hourly basis to witness their acting ability.

Well, I mentioned persistence earlier. Sometimes, that pays off more than talent. If you want your child to act, depending on what type of acting. What! There are many types? Yes, does your child want to be on Broadway? You will need to move to New York. What about acting in the movies? California‚Ķhere you come. Well, what about soup operas? New York, again. You have to be where the action is and once you get there, don’t settle for the first agent. Interview them. Find out if they are representing any top names. Don’t let an agency con you into providing an upfront fee. No legitimate agency will do this. They make a percentage of the work they find. The going rate is usually 10%. Don’t pay more!

Self-promotion is always good. Find every talent scout, agency, and casting director to let them know your child is there and available. Try out for every part, even bit parts, to get experience and your foot in the door. Show up, be on time, be professional, be cooperative, and let them know you are serious about acting as a career.

Just because you are now in New York and promoting your child, do not slack on those acting lessons, dancing lessons, singing lessons, etc. Incorporate as many activities as you can between auditions and workshops.

It can be hard work pursuing acting as a primary source of income, but well worth the efforts when you think of the few who are persistent enough to reap the benefits.

It can be hard work

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