How to get slime out of hair

Slime is a popular children’s toy that often sticks to furniture, carpets, clothing, and hair. The latter case is the most common. The situation becomes more complicated if the slime got on the long curls of the girl. It is undesirable to cut them, you should try more gentle methods. Below you will find ways to safely remove slime from your child’s hair and eyebrows.

How to get slime out of hair

What is slime?

Slime is a stringy toy first released by Mattel in 1976. The mass consists of a jelly-like material that has the properties of a non-Newtonian liquid. The toy is similar to slime but does not spill, it is easily put into shape. In appearance, the slime resembles a jelly mass. When a child picks it up, it is captured by a vicious colored slurry that relieves stress. The toy is bright, and comes in different shades, with or without sparkles. Slime attracts children of different ages, sometimes even adults.

It helps to relieve nervous tension, distract from sad thoughts. Manipulations with mucus develop fine motor skills, thinking, concentration, memory, and logic.

There are slime molds on sale with foam balls in the form of filler. They click and crunch wonderfully. In addition to the balls, the slime can also contain many cubes of an adsorbent substance, toy figures.

How to remove it

When slime gets on your hair, don’t cut it. You can use the following methods:

  • exposure to cold;
  • vegetable oil;
  • fan;
  • make-up remover products;
  • nail polish remover liquids;
  • spirits based on alcohol;
  • soda mush;
  • substances for removing the sticky layer.

Each of the techniques will allow you to save strands of hair, and does not require financial waste.

Vegetable oil and analogs

You can use sunflower oil or Johnson’s Baby when washing your hair. Apply the substance to the curls, and comb out the slime with a comb with small teeth. After that, wash your hair using the standard method. You can also use olive oil.


Slime can be frozen with 2 ice cubes. They are applied to the curls and kept for 10 minutes. The stringy toy should freeze and be combed with a comb from the hair. This method is not in demand, because it is inferior to others in terms of performance. If there is no ice in the refrigerator, you can use frozen meat, vegetables, or fruits wrapped in a plastic bag. Follow the same procedure as in the case of ice.


With the help of exposure to hot air, the slime is heated until it dries completely. After that, you can crumble it with your hands, and comb out the remnants and sparkles with a small comb.

The hair dryer should not be brought too close, the temperature should be slightly above average, as there is a risk of burning your hair.

Makeup remover products

With make-up remover, moisten a cotton pad, and run it over the curls soiled with slime. The procedure will take longer than the above methods. To gently clean the strands, put the child in a warm bath, and periodically rinse the slime with water after treatment with cosmetics remover.

Micellar water

You can wash the slime from the hair with micellar water of any brand. It is moistened with a cotton pad, and rub the affected area until the slime does not stick off. Residues are removed with a fine-toothed comb.

Nail Polish Remover

Acetone removes the slime from the hair according to the same scheme as in the situation with cosmetics. A cotton pad is treated with nail polish remover, and the soiled curls are rubbed with it for half an hour.

Regular alcohol-containing perfume

You can remove the slime from your hair with any perfume containing alcohol. Even cologne is effective. Perfume is moistened with cotton wool, and applied to soiled hair. Rub them until the slime starts to peel off.

Gruel of soda

A gruel of soda is prepared with the addition of 2-3 drops of water. The combination is applied to the hair, combed with a comb with small teeth. This method is more suitable for short haircuts.

Non-child methods

Alcohol is an effective means of removing slime from the hair. They should wet a cotton pad, put it on a dirty curl, and press it down a little. Hold for 15-20 minutes. After that, clean the strands with a brush, and wash them with shampoo.

Liquid for removing the sticky layer from gel polish

Removing the slime from the hair with a liquid to remove the sticky layer from the gel polish is an unusual technique. The product is moistened with a cotton pad, applied to the strands, held for 20 minutes, and slightly pressed down. If the soiled area is small, you can attach the cotton wool to the hair with a clothespin. After that, wash it off with water and comb it out with a comb.


You can clean the slime from the hair with a vehicle lubricant. It effectively cleans any surface of traces of stringy toys, not just curls. The solution is soaked in cotton pads, keep them on the dirty strands for half an hour. After, wash off with shampoo, and comb out.

If it gets on your eyebrows

You can remove the slime from the eyebrows in the same ways that are suitable for hair. The main thing is not to harm the eye mucosa. They should be kept closed during the entire manipulation.

The most optimal method is to wet the cotton pad with alcohol or vodka. Keep it on your eyebrows for half an hour.

Then, carefully comb out the remaining slime with a fine comb with small teeth, this may be an unnecessary toothbrush.

Security measures

After manipulating the slime, store it in a closed container, and place it in the refrigerator. Do not leave the toy on the sofa, or carpet, it is easy to forget about it. Young children should be taught about the precautions of interacting with the slime, so that they do not bring it to their hair, and hold it only in their hands.

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