How to get rid of tangles in Your Hair

How to get rid of tangles in Your Hair

Haircare can be a tricky procedure. No matter what style or length of hair you have tangles can strike at any time, so be prepared for the worst. Detangling hair can be a lengthy process. Prevention is the key to keeping your hair smooth and tangle-free.

Here are some tips to aid you in your endeavors:

Condition your hair regularly

If your hair is prone to tangling use a detangling spray on a regular basis
Brush your hair while it is dry before you wash it
Use the appropriate hairbrush or comb wide-tooth combs work best on most hair and they prevent frizz and breakage.
Hot oil and deep conditioners should be on hand

If it is too late for the prevention step then jump right into the solution. If you are experiencing serious tangles there are several things you can do to get them out of your hair.

  1. Access the situation. What is causing the tangles? Take time to determine how the tangle was created and how best to remove the snarl.
  2. Gather some tools to aid you in the tangle removal process
    a. Wide-tooth combs or hair picks
    b. Long needle
    c. Detangling spray
    d. An extra set of hands (friend, mother, etc.)
  3. Begin the process

Start out by covering the tangled hair with conditioner or oil. Try to work on dry hair because wet hair tends to be weaker and is more easily damaged. Don’t try to comb in the conditioner or oil, simply work it in with your hands and gently pull apart the tangled hair with your fingers. It is best to go at the tangle from the bottom up so you are not pushing the mess down and making it harder to get out.

When the conditioner is saturated in the hair then slowly comb out with a wide-tooth comb starting at the bottom and working your way up. Separate your hair into small sections so you can work with one small area at a time. Don’t tug or pull at the tangles or you will split and damage your hair. You can use other tools like the longhair pin to separate tightly knotted spots in your hair. Remember don’t tug or pull at the tangle this will not help the process to go fast it will only damage your hair and create more havoc.

The process can take anywhere from ½ and hour to several hours depending on the seriousness of the tangles and the condition of the hair. Remember this may seem like a long time but it is a wise time investment compared to how long it takes you to grow 3-6 inches of hair.

If you have tried all of the techniques mentioned above and you are unable to remove all of your tangles you might want to consider going to a salon and seeking the help and advice of a professional.

Most tangle jobs can be remedied at home, but some mishaps are worth paying someone to fix. Beautiful hair makes all the difference so treat you lovely locks with care.

Most tangle jobs
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