How to get rid of rats

get rid of rats


Rat Rats are larger than mice. There are many different types of rats. Examples include kangaroo rats, cotton rats, Norway rats, black rats, naked mole rats, wood rats, pack rats.

Norway is a common type of rat in Australia.

Rats eat eggs, biscuits, bread, meat, fruits, grains, vegetables, cereal, and other types of food it finds.

Garbage bins can be sealed to prevent rats from searching for scraps.

Rats can be a problem in and outside of homes

Rats – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are rats found around the home?

Inside the live-in spaces between walls and ceilings, as well as under cupboards and counters, in bathrooms behind showers and baths. They can also be found in sheds particularly where old boxes of paper and cloth are stored.

Outside they can be found under old wood piles, bush areas, rocks, and under the house in crawl areas. They also can hover around garbage bins, especially if trash is left on the ground.

What attracts rats to yards?

Where the garbage is left out, rats may be attracted to living in the yard. Other reasons they are attracted may include leftover pet food, fallen fruit, compost bins, and birdseed/crumbs.

What do rats feed in?

Inside the home, they may like many of the foods that humans eat. Some common foods may include grains, cereal, and rice. They also feed on potatoes and carrots and other vegetables stored outside of the fridge. They like garbage inside the home too so it’s important to keep bin areas tidy with tightly sealed lids.

What are some strategies to keep rats away?


  • Keep garbage in sealed bins.
  • Don’t leave food out. Wipe up spills and mess.
  • Use plastic containers to seal food if needed.
  • Seal or cover any openings that may let rats in.
  • Keep the sink clean.


  • Keep garbage areas as clean as possible.
  • Keep backyards tidy too.
  • Don’t store junk in the yard.
  • Stack wood piles off the ground.
  • Keep bush areas neat and plant new bush areas away from the house.
  • Don’t feed rats or they will stay.
  • Don’t leave pet bowls outside. Cleanup after pets have finished eating.

Does your wife have you staying up at night thinking about: “how to get rid of rats“? Do you find yourself infested with creatures in your walls? Sounds and smells in your attic? You may have a rat problem. AND you may need to find out “how to get rid of rats”! We have compiled a collection of solutions to your rat problem! You don’t want these public health threats in your home! We can show you how to effectively eradicate these pests. If you believe these pesky rodents have invaded your home or property, we offer some clever approaches on how to get rid of these pests and ways to apply control tactics to keep them from coming back. Forget about the gruesome glue boards, you need something that attacks rats quickly!

How to Get Rid of Rats Using Traps

Snap traps are the most efficient approach to getting rid of rats. Snap traps are quick and kill instantly and one solution to your question, how to get rid of rats. By placing them in and along walls, in attics, and holes, you will be making an important step toward getting rid of these rodents including Norway rats. Look for areas that show evidence of rat or mice droppings, or where pet food is stored – these are ideal trap placement areas. Bait your traps with strong-smelling rat bait that will lure rats to your traps. We’ve had success using peanut butter. Don’t forget to find their dens or holes because these rat traps can be placed near that entry point.

Electrocution traps are also very effective and produce good results. As long as the traps are baited adequately and placed in high-traffic “rodent” paths, you have got a sure bet that these pests will be eradicated. Electrocution traps provide a solution to exterminating rats. Most operate using ordinary batteries and provide a high enough voltage to kill the pest instantly.

Rat poison and mothballs are commonly used for rodent and pest control, BUT it is not recommended and it is also illegal for off-label use.

We have a lot of farm animals and the rats invaded our pasture during the winter months. Before we realized what type of rodent problem we had it was out of control. Getting rid of rats became our call to action and we did use every available means possible. We used pellet guns, rat poison, watered their holes, and drove them out, and sometimes we didn’t use very humane avenues. Another great way of controlling rats is to get some cats. Since we have wild cats in our woodpile we haven’t had a sniff of mouse or rat problems. Now we have a problem with too many cats.

Prevention and Maintenance

Make sure your home is where rats don’t want to live. They love the darkness, they love food sources, and they want to raise their young where it’s warm and quiet. Make your home uncomfortable for rats by applying a pest control approach!

Strobe lighting is a great way to deter the creatures of the night like rats. Rats, mice, and raccoons hate strobe lights and often steer away from the bright annoying lights that brighten any dark attic or basement. Keep garbage and waste off your property these things draw in pests that love to feed on items with a pungent smell.

Once you have exterminated the rats, make sure you take precautions and seal areas and entryways with a caulking sealant, cement fillers, or roofing materials to prevent a repeat invasion. Also, be sure to keep pet food in sealed, tight containers. Rats love dog and cat food and are attracted to its smell.

By following these simple tips on how to get rid of rats, you won’t only exterminate the pest, but you will keep them from getting into your home in the first place! Knowing how to get rid of rats is the first step. Next comes keeping them out for good!

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