How to get interested in reading Novels

How to get interested in reading Novels

How to become interested in reading novels and enjoy the time you spend doing so! Reading is a pastime enjoyed by many and enjoyed in many different ways. If you are interested in reading and don’t know how to start here are some things to do and ways to enjoy it more.

The first step to becoming interested in reading is to choose a book that means something to you. If you are a romantic, Danielle Steel is a good beginner book, if you like horror and science fiction, Stephen King is an excellent choice, if you enjoy reading about the law and court cases, John Grisham is a great selection. There are books to cater to everyone’s tastes. There are books on travel, food, sports, animals, cartoons, etc. Pick something that you enjoy doing or learn about because it will keep you returning to the book to finish.

A key to keeping interested in a book is the time that you choose to read. Most people will read before they go to bed at night. Reading in the morning often makes you more tired; therefore people shy away from reading then. Choose a time when it is convenient for you. Make sure that you will have minimal interruptions and when the area you read will be quiet. For some people play soft music helps, while with others it distracts them. It is all in the individual person.

Try it different ways and see which works best for you. Most people enjoy reading because it relaxes them. Creating a relaxing setting will make reading more distracting. Light some candles and settle into the couch with a glass of wine. Make sure you are comfortable because reading, while you are at ease, will keep you enticed longer. Read by the fire on a cold, winter night. Read in a hot, bubble bath after a long day on your feet. Read under an umbrella on a sweltering day at the beach. There are many settings you can create that will keep your attention focused on reading.

Experiment with them and find one that works for you. Above all, find an author that you enjoy and stick with them. The book will make the reading what it should be. Don’t get discouraged if you pick one that you don’t enjoy. We all have books that do not prick at our imagination. Kick back, relax, and read those books!!!


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