How to get beautiful hair overnight

How to get beautiful hair overnight

Women’s hair has been a symbol of femininity since the beginning of time. Thick, long, and full-bodied styles emphasize womanly appeal. But even short styles can accent her best features to enhance her physical appearance.

If you were born with thin, limp, or perhaps even normal hair, or have experienced an illness or environmental conditions that have damaged your hair, here are some ideas to help you make the most of your locks:

  1. Get a hairstyle that suits your face. Some styles make round faces look thin, while other designs trim inches off long countenances. Find out what looks best on you by consulting a hairstyle professional to get an image consultation. Some inexpensive software programs can show what a different style would look like by matching your face with various hairdos.
  2. Change your style occasionally. Rather than wear one hairdo for the rest of your life, add versatility to your look. Try one design by day, another for the evening, and perhaps still another for recreation or sports. Pull your hair into a topknot or a chignon at the back of your neck. Or weave side locks into braids and pull them back with a flower or band.
  3. Get your hair trimmed regularly. Six to eight weeks is the usual amount of time most people need between trims, as dead ends accumulate or the style starts to look scruffy. Some folks’ hair grows quickly enough to require a monthly cut, while others may slow to the point that they need a salon visit every two or three months. Find out what works best with your hair length and growth style.
  4. Coordinate makeup, jewelry, and clothes with your hairstyle. If you have a sophisticated cut, don’t wear a teenybopper outfit. If you must do so, adjust your hairstyle accordingly. Let your hair say something about your personality to create a sleek, overall impression.
  5. Consider coloring, frosting, or tipping your hair to add highlights. Check with your stylist for the product and hues that are right for your complexion and scalp condition. Follow directions for allergy testing before using any new product. You may want to sample it on a small, hidden hair section to see if the color takes evenly.
  6. Don’t go extreme. Experiment freely, but do so when you don’t have somewhere important to go and consider a temporary style that can be fixed or you can live through if it doesn’t work out. Getting a spike dyed purple may be a bit much for your stockbroker job, so wait until you go on vacation or take leave before trying something dramatic that may impact the way others judge you, rightly or wrongly.
  7. Use a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type. There are so many different types on the market these days that it would be easy to pick up the wrong one by mistake. Read labels carefully to decide if you want a shampoo that clarifies, adds volume or preserves color.

Having a beautiful head of hair can make you stand out in the crowd. But take steps like those outlined above to be sure you stand apart in a positive rather than a shocking way!

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