How to get all over great skin for your body

How to get all over great skin for your body

Every woman wants a beautiful, radiant complexion. It is sometimes quite difficult to get and keep your skin in balance. We have listed a number of tips for beautiful skin for you. Are you going to try it out?

1. Do not shower too hot

After a long day, it is wonderful to take a hot shower in the evening. However, warm water can damage the skin and that is the last thing you want for beautiful skin. Water that is too hot can remove the protective layer so that you will get dry skin in no time. It is, therefore, better to shower a few degrees colder and shorten your shower to a maximum of 10 minutes.

After taking a shower, it is important to hydrate the skin immediately, so that the moisture that is still on the skin is also absorbed into the skin. The Louis Widmer Body Emulsion applies wonderfully, but the Dove, Nivea, or Therme body lotions also enrich the skin.  

2. Wear your hair while sleeping

Do you invariably cleanse your skin before going to bed, but do you regularly wake up with impurities on your face? Your hair could be the cause of this! Hair contains natural oils and natural product residues such as shampoo, hairspray, etc. that can clog the pores. Our advice? Put your hair in a loose ponytail, braid, or in an easy bun.

3. Opt for a silk pillowcase

Changing your pillowcase regularly does a lot of good for your skin anyway, but did you know that a silk pillowcase is even better? A silk pillowcase ensures a less swollen face and prevents the formation of wrinkles. It’s a small change with a big effect!

4. Brush your smartphone

Do you often notice impurities on the side of your face? There is a good chance that this is caused by your smartphone. We drag the phone everywhere, we put it down everywhere, and meanwhile, the screen is full of bacteria. Then, when you get a call, you put it to your ear without thinking, while the dirty screen touches your face. It is even said that a smartphone is dirtier than a toilet seat, ugh! Therefore, clean it at least once a week with a little alcohol 70%. This way you immediately remove all makeup and sweat residue!

5. Make a hammam at home

When you go to the spa, you will notice that your skin is refreshed. Do you want to do this more often, but don’t you want to go to a spa every time? Fill a bowl with boiling water and hold your face over the released steam for 10 minutes. For the best effect, place a towel over your head so that the steam does not dissipate. After steaming, pat your face clean and moisturize immediately with a day or night cream. We recommend Louis Widmer’s facial care for intense skin hydration.

6. A Hydration Boost for the Face

Sometimes your skin can feel a bit tight and dry. Don’t feel like extra-nourishing day cream or have you just made yourself up? A moisturizing ‘face spray’ is the solution. Uriage has developed a beautiful spray, entirely based on Thermal Water from Uriage. The spray acts as instant hydration for the skin. It feels as light as a feather and it can be applied any time of the day!

7. Vitamin C Is Very Important

Vitamins are of course very important for the body, with vitamin C being the best. Vitamin C contributes to healthy, well-protected skin. Therefore, eat and drink enough vitamin bombs such as oranges, kiwis, and tomatoes. If you fall short in your daily requirement, choose a vitamin C dietary supplement.

You can of course opt for skincare with vitamin C. We really like the Nivea Visage Q10+ Energy Day Cream, but the  Uriage Age Protect Intensive Multi-Active Serum also provides your skin with the desired vitamin for healthy skin!

8. Use an overnight mask for ultimate care

At night, the skin relaxes, both on the body and on your face. The skin recovers and cell renewal starts. To stimulate this process, choose a good night cream. Would you like to achieve a better result? Spread your night cream thickly on the skin as if it were a mask. You can of course also opt for a ready-made night mask, such as the Collistar Perfecta Plus Perfection Cream Mask.

9. Massage your day and night cream into your skin

You don’t get beautiful skin just like that. When you use different types of skincare every day, the way you apply it can also make a difference. Massaging your day cream ensures better blood circulation, which also stimulates the cell renewal process. New skin cells mean more beautiful, even skin!

10. Clean your skin thoroughly and always

It’s easier said than done, but cleaning your skin is incredibly important. Do you often get into your bed with make-up? Stop it! It causes clogged pores, which in turn contribute to your blemished skin. Would you like an even skin? Clean your skin daily, both in the morning and evening with a good facial cleanser. Nivea has a wide range, but if you are specifically looking for something for sensitive skin, it is better to choose Louis Widmer, Uriage, or Zarqa.

This ends the 10 beauty hacks for glowing, beautiful skin! Easy to apply and effective for healthy skin. Are you going to test the tips? If you have any questions, feel free to ask them via comment, email. We are happy to provide you with appropriate advice.

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