How to get a job in another state

How to get a job in another state

Locating a job out of state is not an easy task. It will take time and perseverance to actually find a job worth relocating to. Knowing this, how does one find such a job? There are several options available, all of which we will discuss below:

Career Choice:

Do you plan to change careers or look within the same field? If you take a look at your daily tasks as well as your skills, you may find that they can easily be transformed into a new career. By opening yourself up for change, you will expand your options.

For instance, if you work in an oil refinery as an operator, there are several tasks that are performed on a regular basis that can also be used in the gas, water, and electric industries. By finding out what the specifics are, you can tailor your resume to fit each market and open yourself up to three more industry options.

Cover Letters:

You never want to sound desperate in your cover letter, or too cocky. You want the prospective employer to look at your cover letter see you. Your cover letter should sell your talents, skills, and experience. Your cover letter should show detailed information about something you did at your previous job that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. It should not reiterate the same facts presented on your resume and it should only be one page in length.


Your resume should be presented in such a way that there is plenty of white space. If it looks overcrowded, the prospective employer will find it difficult to read. It should also be no more than two pages in length. Your resume should be prepared using bulleted points and not paragraphed sentences. Take a look at current job listings and incorporate some of those words in your resume.

The internet offers a vast wealth of information, but if you do not know how to search for that information, it may be like finding a needle in a hay stack. To get started, when plugging in information on the search engines, you can wind up with every topic imaginable, but the one you are searching for. That is way it is important to read the search engines guidelines to find the best possible way to search on that engine. Some engines simply require a plus sign between each word, to help narrow down the search, such as “job+banks.”

  1. Post resumes on job banks as well as search their ads
  2. Look at online classified ads, via the city and state in which you plan to move to
  3. Look up company names and search for positions under their employment or career sections

Public Library:

Each public library has its own career section, in which one can find names of companies, as well as the addresses and phone numbers of their home offices. One such book is called the Ward’s Business Directory.

Follow Up:

Once you have sent out your resumes, if you have not heard back from the company in two weeks, send out a follow-up letter or better yet, give the Human Resource Department a call.

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