How to get a job at disney world

How to get a job at disney world

Disney World has expanded so much over the past several years that potential employees have a plethora of jobs to choose from. No matter what your skills, chances are, Disney World has something for you. This is true even if you live in another country, as Disney World has a popular international program.

Types of Jobs Available

Given that the Disney World consists of several hundred acres of theme parks, hotels and restaurants, the available positions are practically limitless. Due to the nature of Disney World, there are many opportunities for performers. Any job that is available at a resort or an ordinary amusement park is also available, in addition to much more. Specific jobs include cook, costumer, character performers and attendants, housekeeper, lifeguard, custodian, vacation planner and retail salesperson.

Given that the climate in Florida can be very hot, be sure not to over-glamorize the jobs that are available. If you are a performer, you may be spending many hours in the hot sun, wearing a very uncomfortable costume. Regardless of the position that you obtain, you must have physical stamina in order to cope with the weather, crowds and requirements of the job that may include things such as walking long distances. In addition to possessing stamina, you need to be a people person. Jobs at Walt Disney World can be very fast-paced, and most likely, you will deal with many people from all parts of the globe.

If you have already attained your degree and some professional experience, you may also want to investigate some of the career path jobs that are available in Orlando with Disney, such as that of computer programmer and other professional jobs. These jobs offer exceptional benefits, including park passes and other perks in addition to the standard corporate benefits package.

How Do I Get a Job at Disney World?

Disney World has programs for college interns as well as international students who would like work experience abroad. They also have a job hotline number (407.828.1000) that you can call to get updates on jobs that are available. You may also write and request information at Walt Disney Attractions, P.O. Box 10090, Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830.

You should be very prepared at the interview and be able to demonstrate some background knowledge about the company as well as display excellent interviewing skills in general. Walt Disney World likes to hire individuals who have a clean-cut appearance. In fact, tattoos are prohibited. You will want to dress very conservatively at an interview, and not wear any attention-getting jewelry or accessories. Body piercings are also a no-no. This is the time to break out your pearl earrings.

How to Apply

Call the hotline and follow the instructions that it gives you. If you are applying for a special program, such as the Walt Disney World College Program, go their website at , watch the presentation provided and apply online. You can find lots of good information here; you may find that you can even gain college credit for your participation. You may then be scheduled for a phone interview, and the process will continue from there if you are lucky! Be sure to take note of the deadlines provided for this program.

If you would like to apply for Walt Disney World’s International Program, you can find out all of the information that you would like to know at The International Program is necessary because Disney World needs people from all over the globe to serve as cultural representatives to work in Disney World’s National Pavilion. Shared housing is typically provided, and plane fare may also be included as part of the package.

What is the average salary of a Disney employee?

Earnings for most of the resort and park positions are typically about six dollars an hour, and less if it is a position where tips are received. Paid vacation is not usually provided. Some positions will require more experience and skill, and will pay more. The hotline and your interviewer will be able to give you more details about this.

Generally speaking, however, working at Disney World is something to be done for the enjoyment and experience. You are probably not going to become wealthy. However, you may be providing yourself with a good background for a future career that can provide you with a good salary. Perhaps that career will even be at Walt Disney World.

Overall, working for Disney World can be a good experience. Where else will you have the opportunity to work among tourists from all over the world in such a magical setting? Having work experience with Disney World on a resume will certainly grab a future interviewer’s eye, and your experiences will no doubt provide conversational fodder for years to come!


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