How to get a close shave on legs

How to get a close shave on legs

Shaving your legs for the first time doesn’t need to be frightening. With the proper tools and spending a little time, your legs can be smooth without any cuts. It is possible to cut your legs quite badly shaving improperly or too quickly.

As a preteen, don’t be too anxious to shave your legs for the first time. It is important to remember that usually hair that is cut grows back thicker and darker over time. You may well regret it later as the hair on your legs gets thicker and darker. The same goes with shaving your underarms.

Some use an electric razor for shaving legs but it is not recommended. Your legs will be much smoother when shaved with a non electric razor. This article will address shaving with a non electric razor.

The two most important things to remember when shaving your legs for the first time are making sure you are using a sharp razor and making sure you have plenty of time and are not rushed. These two things above all else will make for a successful experience.

It is much easier to shave your legs sitting in a bathtub or on a bench in a shower. Any other position where you can reach your legs easily will also work. You can shave your legs standing up and bending over but it is not recommended. You will tire easily and shaving the first time will take some time.

Razor styles are plentiful. The type of razor that you decide to use has a lot to do with personal preference. Just make sure the razor is sharp. If it is a disposable razor, make sure it is new. If it is a standard razor, make sure you put a new blade on it. If you have an old fashioned razor, don’t use it. The new razors are much less dangerous as far as cutting you. A friend or family member can give you their opinion on which razor to buy. Making sure it is sharp is most important.

Many cuts in shaving come when shaving the front of the legs where the bone is closest to the skin. Be extremely careful when shaving the front of the leg, especially if you are the lean type. Small cuts are also common if you shave when your legs are cold. Goose bumps, (bumps on the skin when it is cold) can be shaved off easily. Make sure you aren’t cold when shaving.

Your legs need to be lathered well before shaving. This can be done with either soap or shaving cream. Both work well and once again depend on your personal preference. Shave one leg at a time. Only one leg needs to be lathered at a time as well.

After you have lathered one leg well, hold the razor gently in your dominant hand. Start at the base of the leg just above the anklebone on the side of the leg. Start by gliding the razor gently up the leg above the anklebone. Glide the razor up about two inches. Rinse the razor well. A common problem in shaving your legs is pushing the razor too hard.

It will be very sharp and you will not need to push hard. Start very gently and test the feel of the razor. You can always push a little firmer if you can tell it is not cutting the hair. Depending on the amount of hair on your legs, you will only be able to cut an inch or two without rinsing off the razor.

After the first time, the hair on your legs will not be nearly as long and you will be able to shave larger areas without rinsing. If the razor doesn’t seem to be cutting, check to see if you need to rinse the razor or push a little firmer. Continue up one side of the leg, then begin at the bottom again at a different place and start the process again.

Many people only shave up to the knee. Be very cautious if you decide to shave the knees. Don’t press too hard or you will get cut. The best way to find out if shaving has worked is to feel with your hand. It should be smooth and soft. After finishing one leg, repeat the process on the other one.

It isn’t hard but it does take time, the proper tools, and a few precautions for a successful shave.

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