How to frame a puzzle

How to frame a puzzle

You’ve just finished your 3000-piece puzzle but you don’t want to break it up and put it back in the box to collect dust. What can you do?

You can put it in a nice frame and hang it on your wall. Don’t try just placing your puzzle on just any picture frame and putting it up because most likely it’s going to fall apart.

Here is the step-by-step guide to framing your puzzle.

Step 1: Before framing your puzzle you should make sure it is ready to be framed. The first step would be to glue your puzzle together. Make sure you have something under the puzzle that it isn’t going to stick to if the glue leaks through and sticks to it. Use a liquid base glue; you really don’t want to use glue that is going to turn white and leave white streaks across your beautiful puzzle.

There are other types of glues you can use as well such as powder glues, but you must make sure you mix them just right and sprays, which I’ve actually never used. Sprays have been known not to completely coat the puzzle if you don’t do it right.

Have your puzzle picture side up and take your glue and sponge and start spreading the glue evenly over the puzzle. You don’t want it too thick or thin; if it is too thick it will warp the picture and sometimes peel it. If you are using a lower quality puzzle then you may need to use more glue to make it sturdy.

Step 2: Wait for the glue to dry. You may want to put it in a separate room of the house where it won’t be disturbed, but make sure it’s a dry room. Depending on the temperature of the room and the glue used it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. I would recommend waiting a few hours just to make sure it is dried thoroughly.

Moisture will only make it take longer for the glue to dry and possibly ruin the puzzle. Place something flat underneath the puzzle so it will stay flat, like a piece of plywood or a table. Remember to keep a trash bag or something between the two pieces that the puzzle isn’t going to stick to so easily.

Step 3: Once your puzzle is dry remove the plastic and see where you may have missed a spot or two and retouch it with glue. Apply a second coat at this point and wait for it to dry; this should make your puzzle ready for framing. Test to see if it is firm.

Step 4: Measure your puzzle dimensions and you can either go out and buy a picture frame that is perfect for it at the store or go look for one you can build yourself. (If you don’t want to attempt to mount your puzzle yourself you can take it to a professional.)

Step 5: Place puzzle carefully on the glass (picture side on glass). Tighten frame from the back and secure it.

Using glass will prevent the puzzle from creating dust and from others that may actually touch or pick at the puzzle, possibly ruining it.

Step 6: Hang your puzzle on your wall for all to see, choosing a room that will make the puzzle shine. Make sure you use sturdy nails that way it isn’t going to fall down on some unsuspecting victim.

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