How to fold a cloth diaper

How to fold a cloth diaper

If you’ve decided to use prefolded diapers on your baby or toddler, you’ll need to know how to fold them! Though they are called “prefolded” diapers, you’ll still need to fold them onto your baby – “prefolded” simply means that the manufacturer has taken out one step for you. Unfortunately, prefolded diapers have a reputation for being difficult to use. In fact, they are rather simple once you get the hang of it. With three basic folds, you’ll be an expert in no time.

Poop Pocket

This is the diaper fold most people have in mind when they think about folding diapers. This basic fold is called the “poop pocket” because it forms a nice pocket to catch the baby’s poop and keep it contained within the diaper. First, lay the diaper on the table with the seams running up and down and one of the serged edges close to you. Fold the diaper into thirds along the two seams. Unfold the diaper along the edge furthest from you to create two “wings.” These wings will be pulled around your baby’s hips when you put the diaper on your baby.

At this point, side the diaper under your baby, with the open wings under baby’s hips and the folded section coming up between baby’s legs. Wrap this folded front section up over your baby’s “danger zone” then fold the wings around your baby’s hips to meet the folded front section. Secure the wings to the front of the diaper with pins or a snappy.

If the front section of the diaper is too long for your baby, simply fold it down before securing with pins or a snappy. As an added bonus, you’ll get more absorbency right where it’s needed.

Bikini Twist

The bikini twist puts the bulk of the diaper right between the baby’s legs where it is needed the most to absorb urine. It also allows a much narrower profile between the baby’s legs, which does give the baby more freedom of movement than the other folds. However, this particular fold does not help contain the baby’s poop at all, but the cover you use will keep the baby’s poop away from his or her clothes.

Lay your baby down over an unfolded diaper, with the top serged edge at your baby’s waist. Grasp the bottom serged edge in your hands and turn it once, so that the diaper is completely twisted between your baby’s legs. Pull the front of the diaper up between the baby’s legs and to his or her front. Pin the diaper in place or hold it with a snap.

Inside a Cover

This is the easiest way to fold a diaper if you use wrap-style covers. To complete this fold, you simply fold the diaper into thirds and lay it in the cover. The diaper will be held in place by the cover so that there is no need to use pins or a Snappi. You may fold the diaper along the seam lines, or you may fold it the other way if you prefer. Some parents find that folding the diaper into fourths helps for a better fit on a small baby or with a large, premium sized diaper.

As you can see, these three basic folds are not difficult. With a little training, even babysitters will be able to use pre-fold diapers, saving you the expense of buying All in one or pocket diapers for sitters.

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