How to fit eyebrow shape to your face

How to fit eyebrow shape to face shape

Which eyebrow shape suits your face shape best?

Do you know that? You have your eyebrows done by a beautician, and you come
home with eyebrows that no longer seem to match your face (been there, done that). Often they have changed the shape of your eyebrows so much that you barely recognize yourself! I’ll show you which eyebrows suit your face shape best.
Not sure what face shape you have? I already wrote an article about how to determine your face shape.

Which eyebrows suit my face?

In recent years, bushy eyebrows are back on-trend. Where in the 1990s and early 2000s we nearly plucked our brows (oh horror… the comma brows that were so hip back then), we now even microblade and laminate our brows to make sure we have nice thick brows.

Maybe you have a very fine bone structure and such a thick eyebrow doesn’t suit you at all? You will also have to test a bit to see what suits you best. But remember: it’s better to tweeze your eyebrows too little than too much!

Eyebrows for an oval face

An oval face shape has eyebrows that do not have an exaggerated kink so that you keep a balance. For this face shape, remember that you should try to shift the emphasis from your oval shape and make it more balanced. So avoid, for example, a high, elongated haircut or in this case eyebrows that curl too much upwards.

  • no exaggerated kink in your eyebrows
  • keep the shape of your eyebrows a little softer, with no hard, straight lines

Eyebrows for a round face

In contrast to an oval face, you do want to create a height with a round face, so you can definitely go for a clearly defined eyebrow with a kink in it.

  • clearly defined eyebrow
  • with a clear nod
  • the eyebrow may be slightly straighter

Eyebrows for an elongated face Since an elongated face is even longer than an oval face shape, you have to go for slightly straighter eyebrows here than with the oval face.

Eyebrows for a square face

Do you have a square face? The rule is that you try to balance those tight, angular face shapes with rounder shapes (a rounder haircut, round glasses,…) and that certainly applies to the shape of your eyebrows. You can perfectly get away with a nice round eyebrow.

Eyebrows for a heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face also has some ‘harder’ features, which can also be softened for more balance. So you can definitely go for a soft, rounder

Eyebrows for a diamond-shaped face

With a diamond-shaped face, a soft and round eyebrow is the most beautiful. There may also be some curve in your eyebrow!

How to shape your eyebrow

Step 1: determine the starting point of the eyebrow

  • Grab a ruler and place it straight up on your nostrils, against the tip of your nose, towards your eyebrow.
  • Make a vertical line with the white kohl pencil along the ruler where the pencil meets your eyebrow. 
  • You will epilate away the hairs that fall on the left side of the stripe.

Note: if you fill in your eyebrows, draw them up to line number 1. If you draw them over the line, it will seem that your eyes are too close together.

Step 2: determine eyebrow arch

  • You create a nice arc by making a line with the ruler from your nostril, along the outside of your pupil. 
  • Again, put a vertical white line at the point where the ruler meets your eyebrow.

Note:  if you create a bow that is too high or too round, you will soon resemble Cruella Deville, the 101 Dalmatian villain. An eyebrow arch is mainly suitable for people with a diamond or heart-shaped face.

Step 3: determine the eyebrow end point

  • Place the ruler again on your nostrils, along the outer corner of your eye towards your eyebrow.
  • This is the point where your eyebrow ends. Place a vertical white stripe here as well.

Note: the endpoint of your eyebrow should be higher than the start point of your eyebrow. If your eyebrows end much lower than where your eyebrow begins, you look gloomy.

Step 4: Create eyebrow shape

  • Now outline your eyebrows by connecting the white stripes with a line.
  • By doing this, you can see how wide your eyebrows get.
  • Do you want narrower eyebrows? Make the line at the bottom of your eyebrows narrower
  • Then you will have to remove the hairs below the white line.

Note 1: do you want narrower eyebrows? Only remove hairs at the bottom of your eyebrow. This provides an eyebrow lift. When you remove hairs at the top, you get a gloomy look.

Note 2: it is better to remove hair in steps than to remove everything in one go. Epilating several hairs at a time makes it easier to make corrections if things go wrong.

If you look closely, you can see that my eyebrow ends a little too early. For a perfect shape, I usually add the last piece.

Once your eyebrows are perfectly tweezed, you can use a highlighter pen to apply some highlighter under your eyebrow. This provides an eyebrow lift and a clear look.

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