How To Find Your Dream Job

How To Find Your Dream Job

Many of us could have envied others for landing that perfect job, the job that they had always wanted. You could be the accountant sighing over the numerous accounts you face everyday while your heart is in getting that writer job that you’ve always wanted. And if you thought that your dream career is miles away, the good news is that you can achieve your desired job if you know how to go about reaching that goal.

Listed below are the tips for you to land the job that you’ve always wanted:

Setting Goals

Before you set off to get the job, you should have a clear perception of what kind of job that you want. Some people go on finding jobs without having an idea of the job title at all. It would be great if you are clear about the things that are listed below:

a. Job Title – Let’s say for example that you aspire to be an engineer. As there are different types of engineer jobs out there, you could be confused if you have no idea which is the one you want. Thus, it is essential to know which job are you interested in. The best thing is to know what is the desired job title that you’re looking for. This would make your search easier.

b. Research – If you are keen on working for a particular industry you have to research on the industry and the job that you are after. Find out about the qualifications and skills needed for the job. You could get this information from the people who are working in your dream career. Get their advice about working in that particular field. This will allow you to know what is expected in the job.


Let your friends and relatives know that you’re looking for that particular job. They could help you by asking around if there are any vacant positions in their companies.

You could also tell those who are working in your dream jobs that you’re keen on getting a job in their industry. Who knows these people might just come up with the right job openings for you.


How do you show your prospective employers that you are interested in that job when you don’t even have any experience or background in that field? One way that you could help yourself is to get yourself enrolled in courses or workshops to get an insight into your interest. A person who is keen on entering the IT world could help himself by studying for a short course in IT. The course enables you to get knowledge and at the same time shows your future employers that you’re really interested in that field.


We’ve heard a thousand times that experience is very essential for one to get ahead in a career. For those who are lacking experience in a particular field, the best advice would be to get any experience in the industry that you’re interested in. It could be a temporary, contract or even part-time job but the experience that you get in the job will give you the winning edge. It would be also great if you could clinch the chance to be an intern in a company, which is in the industry that you’re interested in. By being an intern, you will get the chance to experience the job and although being an intern means no salary, you could cheer up on the optimistic thought that the internship will do wonders for your resume.


Once you have decided on the job that you want you should make the next move by targeting the companies that would offer you the pathway to your dream career. For example, if you’re keen on becoming an advertising executive make a list of all the advertising companies that you know.

But before you approach them, you have to do your detailed research on these companies. You could do this by reading up on their annual reports or going to their home page. In this way, if you get an interview appointment later on, you can impress the interviewer by showing that you’re serious and well informed about the company.

You could contact these companies either by making a phone call or by writing a letter to them. It would be better if you directly contact the HR division as these are people who are involved in hiring staff for the company. Send them a cover letter together with your resume. Even though there may not be any suitable openings at the moment, there’s no harm trying. You could never know but there could be an open position and you might just be getting the opportunity.

Of course, if you receive a reply from the company saying that there are no vacant positions at the moment, there are possibilities that they would be putting your resume on file for future positions. Thus you still have the chance to secure a job in the company. If you’re afraid that they might throw away your resume, you could inform them that you would like them to keep your resume for positions that might open up later on.

This method of targeting the companies is dependable, as most companies would be willing to take in employees who are enthusiastic and determined about their career. In fact by approaching the companies yourself you are already winning half the battle as you have an advantage of getting the job even before it is advertised on the papers and thus you won’t have to fight to get the job with other candidates. The success of you getting the dream job depends on how well you impress your future employers.

Good luck in your search for the dream career.

Good luck

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