How to find the perfect job

How to find the perfect job

In today’s job market it is getting harder to get your foot in the door, and keep it there.

The interview process is the most important part of your job, what they see and hear there will stick with them for a long time.

Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you land that perfect job.

Dress for success, even if it is a casual position, make sure that for that interview that you dress like a professional, they say that looks are not important, but to the person who is hiring, they will grade you on your appearance.

Have your Resume up to date and make sure it is very detailed, no one likes to look at a Resume that has holes in int, if you have been out of work for awhile, list in your resume the reason for this.
Have plenty of references and numbers for all of these so that they can be contacted if needed.
This step will also play a very Important part in their decision.

Sell yourself, this is not the time to be meek or mild, when they ask you to talk about yourself and your qualifications, go into detail all that you know, this will also show your a self confident person.

Look the person who is doing the interview in the eye, never keep looking down or fiddle around in your seat, no matter how nervous you really are. never let it show.

Ask questions about the history of the company, not just about your position but about the company as a whole, remember this is really a two-way interview for you also to make sure this is the job you will enjoy doing.

When the interviewer brings up the benefits program, ask about all of it, sick days holidays, vacation, never take this for granted or wait until you start, you will find that if you let them know that these are things you are looking for, even if they are not offered, they still might make an exception if they feel you are perfect for the job.

Never take cell phones or pagers into an interview, no matter how important these things make you look they are very distracting, and this might count against you.

keep your sense of humor, yes you will need to be serious, but it is ok to smile and even laugh if told a joke.

If you are qualified for the job before you leave ask to see your work station and meet some of the people you will be working with, that way on the first day they won’t be complete strangers.

And no matter how the interview goes, even if you don’t get or take the job, shake the person’s hand and Thank them very much for their time, this will leave a lasting impression with them about you, remember you never want to burn any bridges you may have to one day cross again.

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