How to find authentic Chinese silk handbags

How to find authentic Chinese silk handbags

Thinking about visiting China?

If so, you’re sure to find a nice selection of authentic Chinese silk handbags while touring the country. If your boat won’t be sailing anytime soon, you could look and hunt and search and scour and still not find the Chinese handbag you so desire. Admittedly, most ordinary towns don’t have an Authentic Chinese Silk Handbag Store, so finding these treasures won’t be a walk in the park unless you happen to live in a big city where you might find a local retailer.

If you do find a retailer, it might not be a handbag store and it might not be a Chinese product store. It could be an apparel store that carries a particular line of Chinese handbags, or even a jewelry store, so don’t count these stores out when searching for the perfect bag. Rather than spend a fortune on gas or invest countless hours in searching, sit down with the phone book and call around. You can begin by calling stores in your own hometown, then move on to larger surrounding towns, checking with women’s retailers of all types.

Generally speaking, you won’t find Authentic Chinese handbags in a regular department store, but some malls have specialty and accessory stores that may carry them. When calling around, ask specifics about the purse, since some retail clerks will try to get you to come to the store by any pretense, including telling you that they have some in stock.

To identify authentic Chinese handbags when shopping in person, you can look for the Made in China tag sewn on the inside of the bag. Another identifying factor is that authentic Chinese handbags are usually made from genuine silk. There should be a label or tag somewhere in or on the purse which specifies that it is an authentic silk product. Of course, there’s always the chance that the purse could be a fake, but if the store is reputable, chances are so is the handbag.

If you’re frustrated because you’re having a difficult time locating just the right purse, your chances are good that you’ll find it online. There are several reputable internet auctions where you might locate a silk Chinese handbag, but there’s always the risk that it’s not new, it’s not authentic, or that it simply won’t be shipped to you.

If shopping through a virtual auction, check the seller’s feedback page to see what others have said about that seller’s merchandise, return policy, and service. Online stores that specialize in authentic Chinese merchandise may be your best bet, but you could pay slightly higher prices at a specialty store of this type. Read about their policies on returning merchandise.

Some stores charge a restocking fee to take the merchandise back if you’re not satisfied with it, and many also charge you shipping fees if you’re returning it simply because you don’t like it. Check with the Better Business Bureau online to make sure the store where you’re shopping isn’t listed as a neglectful merchant before making the final purchase.

You don’t necessarily have to shop at a specialty store online to find Chinese silk purses. Some online retailers just happen to come across a bargain on a truckload of items and re-sell them at their websites. Do a search for authentic Chinese silk purses, Chinese silk purses, Chinese silk handbags, or a similar search to see if you can find some online stores which carry a line of bags for sale.

Many gift shops online carry certain specialty items temporarily, as supplies last, so don’t count on making a purchase now and coming back in a year to see the same merchandise.

Many gift shops
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