How to find a rich mate

How to find a rich mate

Finding a rich mate can be easy and fun if you know what to do, where to look, and how to present yourself. There are a multitude of single, rich, men and women looking for someone to spend time with romantically for a short while or even for marriage and the key to hooking them onto you is being in the right place and making a great impression.

There are places that you should attend regularly to be on the lookout, ways you should dress to attract high-class, wealthier people, tips on make-up for women, and a distinct attitude that will attract the richest people to you.

The most important key to attracting the rich is the way you present yourself, basically the way the rich man or woman and those around them see you. Whether or not you actually have money is insignificant as long as you can give the impression of being someone who deserves it. Confidence is simply the most important characteristic you must display to attract the rich. They want to see someone who knows what they want, knows they deserve anything they want and knows that they can get anything or anyone, including them.

Never look down when you walk, maintain an upright posture, and never give the impression that you are waiting for anything or anyone. Keep your head up high, act as if you always have a reason to be doing what you are doing, that you are satisfied with your current conditions, and that you do not need anyone, which leads into the second most important characteristic, exerting independence.

Independence is an important characteristic to have when dealing with the rich. The affluent did not gain their wealth by depending on others, they made it to the top by depending only on themselves and doing whatever they had to do to get there. For this reason, independence is an extremely important characteristic to them, and one they would like most to see in a future partner they may have. Certain spheres exist where this independent character should be expressed.

For instance, in a social scene at a party, you may walk in with your wealthy partner, but you do not hang on to them and depend on them to introduce you to everyone else or wait for them to start a conversation with another couple or group. Remember, you are your own person, make it known who you are at the scene with, but also make it known that you feel no obligation to stick to them the entire night. This is not only a good trick for getting and keeping a rich man/woman but any man/woman.

Express independence at work or when discussing work if you already don’t, give the impression that you do. Being independent in the work sphere enhances people’s impression of your intelligence and ability to get things done in life, another important quality that the rich like to see. However, an example that differs for men and women when the rich would be a dinner date or a social function that involves purchasing tickets in advance.

For men who are aspiring to find and keep the rich woman, you must also exert dominance in a sense by insisting as if paying for the dinner is a normal thing for you, something you expect, just as purchasing the tickets and paying for the woman. You must do this with absolutely no regard to the price, and remember to always tip generously, for rich women will see through a man who struggles to figure out the exact price of a tip.

Now for women, when it comes to these kinds of functions you should not exert independence, but rather show that you expect to be paid for as if you deserve nothing less than the best. However, you may want to regard what you order at dinner as not to come off completely self-serving. Once you know when and when not to exert independence, you will also be much closer to attaining your rich mate.

Now that you have learned how to act in order to impress the rich, the key is to know how to dress and for women, how to wear makeup to attract the rich. First impressions are a key to meeting someone and the rich are keen on appearance when it comes to first impressions and future relationships. For men, it is a bit easier than women to maintain a good-looking appearance.

The key is to look clean-cut, no one, especially someone wealthy would want to associate themselves and much less be involved with someone who’s appearance is sloppy. Some tips may include keeping your hair short and gelled, wearing crisp, wrinkle-free clothing. Also try to buy clothes from stores such as the Banana Republic, and J Crew, or suits from brand-name stores. Having clothing from these stores demonstrates that you have money, and more importantly taste. If you cannot afford to have all your clothes bought from these types of stores, buy a few key basic items that you can mix and match with your own wardrobe.

However, you will want to keep a general clothing style that consists of slacks and a colored button-down, or polo shirts. For women, the styles can be more diverse, though women will also want to try to shop at brand-name stores and maintain a clean, crisp appearance as well. Women can range from two styles, the business look suit, or chic slack-style or the more feminine skirt and dress style. Never wear skirts that are too short, for instance, mid-thigh, or clothes that are too loose. Keep a nice fitting outfit for whatever styles you choose.

Although clothing styles can have a wider range depending on taste, makeup should be a little more universal. The natural look is what all women should strive for when wearing makeup, avoid bright red or pink lipsticks, and dark eye shadow. Your goal should be to look as if you have no makeup on while attaining the perfecting look that wearing makeup should achieve. Now that you have perfected your attitude and appearance, you must know where to look to find the rich.

The rich have general places where they gather, and these places will be the key to meeting them. Whether or not you have money is not an issue in this case for your primary goal is just to be seen. Make appearances at country clubs, expensive hotels, and charity functions. For instance, take one-day tennis lessons at an exclusive country club, and if you are not a member tell them you would like to test the atmosphere of the club before joining. Have tea or dessert at an expensive hotel, or attend an important charity function where you will have an opportunity to dress your best. And remember, in all these instances to look great!

You may not find your rich mate the first time you go looking, but remember if you follow these steps, your chances are highly increased. These steps must be practiced simultaneously, and you must never slack when in public because the rich are everywhere for you to meet. Before you know it, you may be dating the man or woman of your dreams.

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