How to find a new job

How to find a new job

With the current economic downturn, finding a job can be challenging, no matter how strong your skills may be. Applying for a position means that you may be competing with a hundred other applicants, some as talented as you are.

So what can you do to get an edge in the job market? How can you find an employer who will hire you for a job that you want? Here are a few suggestions:

Check your local newspaper ads. If you plan to stay in your current location and believe there are companies who may hire you for work that you are willing to do, start your search by reading the daily job ads. The Sunday edition of the paper typically carries more ads of every type, including job postings, so be sure to read the Sunday issue.

Wednesday seems to be another popular day for ads, and many newspapers carry a “business section” feature on a certain weekday, so you should search the ads then, too. When you find a job opening that interests you, contact the employer immediately, following the prescribed contact method.

Don’t forget the national publications. Whether you wish to stay local or are willing to relocate, nationally-read newspapers may list job openings that you will transfer for or perhaps even post large company openings in your area. The Chronicle of Higher Education, for example, publishes education-related job openings around the nation and abroad. Ask someone in your field of work or do an online search to find publications that may be helpful in your quest.

Seek out trade publications. Larger industries often have available to them one or more publications that feature news and include job postings all over the country. The Florida Hotel and Motel Journal is an example of the specialized publications that may be of interest. Even those that don’t list job ads can provide information about industry trends and new sources of information or building sites where job openings may occur.

Visit online job boards. Do a Google search or use another search engine to locate job boards for the type of work you want. You may have to register with these services to gain access to the job openings, and many will let you post a resume for free, along with providing job hunting tips or services, some for a fee. Check to see what’s available in your career field and consider taking advantage of some of these services.

Browse company Websites. If you know which companies you would like to work for, visit their Web pages (if they have one) to look for job openings. Many posts these online, along with an application process that you can click through when you visit. Even those that don’t may offer company information that will prove helpful if a job opening appears in another venue.

Be resourceful in checking job leads or searching for current or upcoming job openings. You also can go through the telephone book’s yellow pages or business section and start calling companies to ask about possible openings. Use word of mouth to ask friends or family members about available positions. By covering all possible bases in a comprehensive manner, your chances of finding a job will increase.

Be resourceful

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