How to find a good hair stylist

How to find a good hair stylist

A trendy hairstyle can grab people’s attention and make you ooze with confidence. But finding the right stylist can be challenging. Walk into any salon and you’ll find a diverse band of hair groomers with a variety of specialties. But do you have to let each one work on your hair until you find one you like?

Actually, there is an easier way to find a great stylist. All it takes is a little effort and patience.

  1. Check the yellow pages. In addition to listings of community hair salons, the ads for these shops may provide information that can help you make a decision about giving them a try. For example, some shops may advertise certain permanent styles or haircuts, while others emphasize current services or fashions. Location, contact information, and sometimes even cost can be found in the yellow page advertisements. Start here before taking the time and car gas to visit a new shop.
  2. Ask someone you know. Family members, friends, co-workers, teachers, and people you socialize with may be able to recommend a hairstylist they trust who has given them good results. This is a good tactic if you fear wasting money at a shop where you don’t know the staff or one that has not been in business long. Find out which shops your friends recommend, and why. Then consider visiting to find out for yourself if their styles are for you.
  3. Inquire of someone whose hair you admire. If your glance flits to the supermarket cashier’s hair or a design worn by the person behind you at church, in a casual and yet friendly manner offer a compliment before asking where they get their hair done. That way you have an idea of the look you want and how it appears on other people. Just don’t get your hopes up too much, since some styles are meant for certain face shapes and complexions.
  4. Tour your community. As you run errands to the grocery store or dry cleaner’s, keep an eye open for local shops and salons. If one catches your eye, stop and ask for information about its services, glancing at the customers being serviced. If patrons belong to a different age group than you do, this shop may not be the one for you. But at least you can cross one of many off your list and start looking for the next.
  5. Browse coupons. Newspaper ads, entertainment coupon books, and Internet listings can offer details about shops and salons located near you. Take advantage of a special savings program to try a new service to see how you like it. If you’ve been with the same stylist for more than five years and basically wear the same style you always have, it may be time for a change.

Keeping your hairstyle up to date a flattering to your features can help you look and feel your best. Find the best possible stylist who will make an effort to find the most suitable hairdo for you.

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